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Source Code: Changelog

Many issues of the original game have already been fixed by the Source Code Project, existing features have been improved, and new features have been introduced. Once the remaining issues being fixed (see below) the final product will be Call To Power II Apolyton Edition (CTP2 AE).

Latest changes: 2011-06-12
» see full ChangeLog

(Revision 1111)
Fixed: The game does not crash, if a city is supposed to be converted and the
converting unit was killed the turn before.
Fixed: The AI does not try to disband settlers anymore.
Fixed: After a reload, the correct strategy is loaded for the AI.
Fixed: The AI does not use units for garrison if they are not needed. This
frees troops for other tasks.
Fixed: Thread and power calculation have been corrected so that the AI does
not waste ressources to fullfil its tasks.
Fixed: The AI does not hunt enemy units far away from home, just because one
has been seen by a spy.
Fixed: The AI uses the nearest unit as rally point for rallying troops. This
way the AI does not get distracted.
Fixed: When the AI is rallying armies, it marks all armies as being used,
even so they are not used. This prevents the AI from assigning those
armies to other tasks, so that the original task can still be
Fixed: The AI ungroups stealth units from non-stealth units if their goal
is a stealth goal.
Fixed: The AI does not move ships before all passangers are on board.
Fixed: The AI does not use units for beach assault that cannot beach assault.
Fixed: The AI unloads cargo helicopters if they reached land, and there is
only land up to the target.
Fixed: Finished the Oceanforming tab for modders.
Changed: Reduced memory requirements for the AI and sped up the AI.
Fixed: Fixed inccorect calculation of ZOC.
Fixed: The AI unloads its cargo from helicopters in front of the target city
instead of flyring there with the helicopter.
Fixed: Fixed city happiness calculation so that it depends correctly on crime
and pollution. This way the numbers are the same if an entertainer has
been added and then removed.
Changed: The AI waits with building wonders until it has four cities or no
space for more cities.
Changed: The userprofile options crash logging, show city production, civ flags,
enemy health, and new combat have been enabled by default. The
userprofile option scroll delay has been disabled by default.
Changed: The difficulty were renamed to classic civ difficulty names.
Updated: The AE mod to the current state of the Apolyton Edition.
Changed: The AI reconsideres the plans for its units like their paths if they
reveal foreign units.
Fixed: The calculates the strengths of its units correctly even if they are
Changed: The AI is more likely to conquer cities that are on another continent
but on another side of a strait the AI has access to.
Changed: The AI does not try to use its transporters as attackers, so that
their goal does not fail.
Fixed: The AI recalculates the needed numbers of transporters for it goals
after a process match cycle, this prevents the goal from failing.
Fixed: The AI continues on a goal even after grouping in a city.
Fixed: Fixed city support cost calculation.
Added: Added /beginscheduler command to the chat window. This way the AI
unit movement can be tested without waiting on the other AIs.
Fixed: When the AI steps on an invisible unit it is revealed to the AI so
the Ai can bypass this unit or kill it.
Fixed: Fixed the AI desire war calculation.
Fixed: If a slave raid fails, because the slaver has not enough movement
the victim does not hear that.

CTP2 AE Modding Wiki

Quite a lot of new features like SLIC-functions and variables have been introduced by the Source Code Project, the database structure has been modified and some of the original features have been fixed/modified. The » CTP2 AE Modding Wiki is intended to provide a basic documentation for modders. Recent updates:

Database / SlaveryProtectionBonus
Database / SmallCitySizeBonus
Database / HasTransportersOrNoCoastalCities
Database / WeakestEnemyBonus
Database / SmallTargetEmpireBonus
Database / SmallTargetEmpireSize
Database / LandToCloseCityConnectionBonus
Database / IsGlobalGoal
Database / CanUpgrade
Variables / ActualMaxHP
Variables / MaxPlayers
Database / EitherPrerequisites
Database / TechCostKnownDeduction
Database / HealRate
Database / VictoryEnslavementChance
Database / GovernmentOnly
Main / DefaultStringLoading
Main / HomePage
Main / Main
Functions / GetStoredProduction
Functions / UnitMovementLeft
Functions / CreateWonder
Functions / CreateBuilding
Main / ScenarioStructure
Main / Variables
Main / Functions
Main / Database
Main / Events
Events / ResumeEmailAndHotSeatDiplomacy
Events / ProposalResponse
Events / GlobalWarming
Events / OzoneDepletion
Events / SendEmailAndHotSeatMessage
Events / SettleInCityOrder
Events / SettleInCity
Events / CheckOrders
Events / UpgradeOrder
Events / UpgradeUnit
Events / AiBeginTurn
Functions / FreeAllSlaves
Functions / Plunder
Functions / Pillage
Functions / Liberate
Functions / KillCity
Functions / GetContinentSize

 AE Modding Wiki RSS feed

Modern Times Mod released

Modern Times Mod (MoT-Mod) has been specifically developped for the Apolyton Edition, using the enhanced modding features introduced by the AE.

Modern Times Mod - as the name indicates - focuses on the modern era. "Post-modern" ages have been renamed, they still introduce new advances and units but their flavor ist less "utopic" than in the original game.

Modern Times Mod incorporates all major improvments contributed by the modding community in the past 15 years, such as:

  • AI Terraforming
  • Visible Wonders
  • Natural Wonders
  • Diplomod
  • City Capture Options for the AI

Modern Times Mod also introduces plenty of new features, such as:

  • 100 modern civilizations
  • 2 new city styles
  • Better Settling for the AI
  • Barbarian Cities
  • Merge Civs (surrender)
  • Monuments
  • Visible Capitol
  • a completely re-worked version of Frenzy AI
  • Military Facilities
  • extended Strategic States
  • Advances Through Trade
  • City Ruins
  • Pillbox and Barbed Wire

Modern Times Mod comes with the following governments:

  • Tyranny
  • Early Gang (barbarians)
  • Republic
  • Monarchy
  • Theocracy
  • City State
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Democracy
  • Socialism
  • Fascism
  • Fundamentalism
  • Advanced Gang (barbarians
  • Autonomous Collective (barbarians)
  • Virtual Democracy
  • Corporate Republic
  • Ecotopia
  • Technocracy

Modern Times Mod uses basically the Tech Tree from Wes Whitaker's Med-Mod

Modern Times Mod introduces 56 new units and variants of units, most of them are government- or civilization-specific

Modern Times Mod aims to integrate diplomacy, governments, strategies, economy etc. in such a way to make the AI act more "rationally" and intelligently

For more info see the Modern Times Mod Website

Play CTP2

Since it has become almost impossible to purchase Call To Power II at "real world" computer stores, the CTP2 Bureau now provides » links to online sources. You will find (and may contribute) information about mods in » Mod Doc


Original Game

Even at online shops/marketplaces it might be impossible to obtain the program in every language. At the CTP2 Bureau you will also find » files and instructions needed to change the language of any installation of CTP2.

Apolyton Edition Translations

Call To Power II Apolyton Edition (currently in BETA stage) has been translated into a couple of languages - the files are included with the distribution. If you wish to play CTP2 AE only, you don't need the language files from this site - but you still need a legally purchased CD in any language to play the game.

Apolyton Edition Playtest

If you are playtesting CTP2 AE please remember to report your observations in the appropriate forum thread at Apolyton (look for the latest PROJECT: Playtest thread). If you experience crashes, please provide your crash.txt for debugging: To generate this file you need to find the entry EnableLogs in \ctp_program\ctp\userprofile.txt and set it to EnableLogs=Yes. If the game crashes you will find a crash.txt-file in the same folder. When reporting the crash in the forum providing the contents of this file is extremely useful for tracking down and fixing the bug.

Anyway with an unmodded game CTP2 AE already runs as good as or even better than the original Activision 1.11 patched version - most of the remaining issues are related to multiplayer/network functions and new modding features.

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