The AOM Concept
AOM is based on the Civilization, Call to power 2 Game Engine(CTP2) by Activision **.To play AOM, you need to have CTP2 installed on your computer and the disk in your CD Rom. All material developed with the use of Activision utilities and material are provided subject ot the conditions of the CTP2 EULA.
** Call to Power is a trademark and Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. and its affiliates. © 2000 Activision, Inc. and its affiliates. Civilization: Call to Power © 1999 Activision, Inc. and its affiliates. CIVILIZATION computer games © 1991-1998 Hasbro Interactive, Inc. (successor to MicroProse, Inc.). MICROPROSE and CIVILIZATION are U.S. registered trademarks of Hasbro or its affiliates. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

**Civilization, Call to Power 2
CTP 2 came out in 2000. The game had some good concepts but most people in the gaming community felt it was unfinished, the AI was a push over and there were a few things not finished in the game. As a result it attracted much criticism from established Civ gamers.
The Cradle Of Civilization

David Sobotka, aka Hexagonian, developed a large mod to the game in 2001. Concentrating on the Ancient and early Middle Ages, the mod filled out and improved on many parts of CTP2. The mod was called the Cradle of Civilization, or Cradle for short.
The Ages Of Man
Two years ago work began on the idea of developing Cradle to its next level. What started out as some more filling out, develped into AOM, as different to CTP2 as Civ3 was to Civ 2. Some elements were retained but many new concepts were developed. AOM was approached from the whole game view, it was designed to be less abstract, a little more historical and accurate, and to provide a new experience for civ style gaming
From a gameplay point of view, a philosohpy was developed to reward good planning and achievement while making it difficult for overly aggressive or "seat of the pants" play. The approach was to see what the game needed to achieve this, rather than to simply see what could be added to the game. As a studier of history, I wanted to include major features or events that were present throughout history. Succession, sieges, natural disasters, more complex trade and major historical events were added as these had a major effect on the course of history and give AOM a real sense of history. A couple of other annoying omissions from other major Civ games were fixed, notably you can acquire advances from capturing enemy cities and when an empire surrenders to your genius and military prowess, its cities don't mysteriously turn into piles of rubble.

At one stage it was hoped to convince Activision to produce a commercial sequel to CTP2. However this did not eventuate.

I hope you enjoy this new experience in gaming. Stan Karpinski, aka stankarp with help of many others (see acknowledgements below).

Note: AOM is available for SINGLE PLAYER and ENGLISH VERSION Only

Samples of AOM Goodies
Some Animations

The whole house will know when you achieve this

AOM would not have ever seen the light of day without the generous help of David Sobotka (aka Hexegonian), Wouter Snijders (aka Locutus), Rudie Alderden (aka Fromafar), Peter Triggs, Ben Weaver, Martin Guehmann, Pedrunn, Dale Kent, Wes Whittaker, Daniel Hill, Player One, Harlan Thompson, Tom Davies, Caeneron, Martin the Dane, the programming staff at Activision (for a unique concept), and many, many others, not least of all my patient wife, Beverley.
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AOM is a non profit project, the brain child of private individuals. If you like what you see, future developments will be greatly helped by ANY donation you would like to make. It has taken thousands of hours to create so far.
AOM Honour Roll
People who have kindly donated money to support us for which we are forever grateful
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