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Now when I look back upon what I have done I can see my faults.
But it's too late now. I will write this book for those who care to read.

It all started around the year 1800. The people demanded a new governement and a gave them just that. I had been reading books about communistic ideas and I thought it sounded pretty good. The people became happy and production boosted to max. Since i had this much excess production i thought I would make a little army and conquer the island my capitol was located at. Since the Indians were far below me, I drove them away fairly fast. Now when industrialization was at max and every one of my cities were building facories and oil refineries. This was a large mistake. Since the Indians were defeated that easily I moved my armies to the next island and there the Portugese were living. They to were easily beaten. Now my empire strecthed long from my capital. But not even there my conquering stopped, I sent troops all over the world and when i got tank warfare I were unstoppable. In every city I captured I started building factories, oil refineries and robotic plants.

By year 2000 AD, I had about 30 cities. And think about them all with no recycling plants and just factories and robotic plants. I were a fool then. I also used Nukes to help capturing cities. Then in 2004 AD the first catastrophe came, one of my coast cities sank. Now this wasn't any great lose so I just didn't know what could happen. I countinued my exploits. Just as my armies were gathering in the turkish kingdom the final judgement came. I think it was 2034 AD but im not really sure. It all happened so fast I couldn't think.

Two-hundred years of war for nothing, half of the world sank into the ocean. Yes that's right. Millions and millions of people died that year. It all happened so fast that we didn't have time to evacuate. My precious capital, Sydney, were one of the first to sink. When the people got to know whose fault this was, my Australian kingdom was plunged into rebellion. Now in the year 2100 AD nothing is better. All the worlds people fear of another tidal wave. Most people have fled to the mountatins. This world is no great sight, there is almost nothing living around here. And humanity will also some day soon die out to. I write this to warn you, never expand so much that you can't control it.

By Alexander Trofast

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