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C:CTP Designers Chat; April 8th, 1999
C h a t   H i g h l i g h t s

Note on the nicknames: Joe Rumsey (mrogre) and John Heinecke (LTJohn).
These are just the chat highlights, and is not the complete transcript.

[LTJohn] We can't give a timeline just yet for the patch because we have to finish the production timeline. We'll announce the plan soon.
[LTJohn] Most of the common complaints can be addressed. A lot of people have asked for replay - that is something that won't be changed.
[mrogre] I can tell you I've already started tweaking the auto-center functionality. It will be improved.
[LTJohn] Autosave is something else that will be incorporated.
[mrogre] Better keyboard support (mainly being able to get out of any screen with the keyboard, but whatever else makes sense too).
[mrogre] Linux/Windows compatibility is a possibility, we are going to try hard to make it happen.
[mrogre] I wouldn't be surprised if some unit stats got tweaked, but I can't comment on any specifics (because I don't know, not because I'm unwilling ;)
[LTJohn] unit stats won't be modified in the first patch though.
[mrogre] Well, we don't have any dates set for patches yet, but we are still taking suggestions for things scenario designers want. I can tell you the SLIC documentation I promised last time should be available as soon as this evening.
[LTJohn] Yes, you can post suggestions to the Apolyton site (civilization.gamestats.com/ctp) forums or email civilization@activision.com
[LTJohn] Actually, sceanario suggestions should be emailed to ctpbuilder@activision.com

[Dendroid] Will you stop the science screen from popping up when a player is being attacked?
[LTJohn] Dendroid, yes, that is one of the priorities for the first patch.
[mrogre] Dendroid We will stop the animations from playing when the science screen comes up, so after you close it you'll see everything that happened, instead of it happening underneath.
[LTJohn] We are going to make one on one combat zoom an option, so it will help players see all combat that pertains to their units.

[SprudL] what about globesat? not much happening when I launch it... is it a bug?
[LTJohn] sprudl yes globesat is due for an overhaul.
[LTJohn] It will be addressed in the first patch.
[LTJohn] We will be making a demo...after the first patch.
[LTJohn] We currently don't have a graphics sprite editor, but we're hoping to release something that will allow you to add your own art into the game soon.

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