Markos, Apolyton CS:Buh-Bye! I just logged off! (Thu 5:01pm)
Lt John:Buh-Bye! I just logged off! (Thu 5:00pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Ok, John, ttyl (Thu 5:00pm)
Lt John:just a thought...anyway, I've got to take off for my meeting (Thu 4:59pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Hmm..... I'm not sure.... (Thu 4:58pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Well, the people on the forums doesn't seem to care (Thu 4:57pm)
Lt John:Here's an idea- maybe when people log in, the are assigned a number. You can then moderate the questions by calling on their number. "Next question is from #3" (Thu 4:57pm)
Lt John:Yeah, it's a good sign when the press is getting psyched. We're all still a little bit worried that people will think that CTP isn't Civ because there's no Sid. (Thu 4:55pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:It seems like you have a full "publicity schedule" (Thu 4:54pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Oh, it will be Strategy Plus then... :) (Thu 4:53pm)
Lt John:Then we've got a big preview in Computer Gaming World in December (Thu 4:53pm)
Lt John:But the big news won't be out until early November when the December issue of Strategy Plus hits the shelves (Thu 4:52pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Great! Unfortunately, we didn't gather many questions from the forums for the next interview... (Thu 4:51pm)
Lt John:Hopefully, it will give the forum guys some new stuff to talk about (Thu 4:51pm)
Lt John:I should have Will W's interview answers back by next Monday (Thu 4:50pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:That would be much better... (Thu 4:49pm)
Lt John:The guys will all be available for at least an hour (Thu 4:49pm)
Daniel, Apolyton CS:Buh-Bye! I just logged off! (Thu 4:49pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Hmm true... and I'm hoping we will go beyond the 30 minutes you said... :) (Thu 4:48pm)
Lt John:It'll probably be a trial and error (Thu 4:47pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Maybe we should set some rules on how the chat should be done. (Thu 4:46pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Hi Dan. John, I'm hopinf we will be able to keep some order :) (Thu 4:45pm)
Daniel, Apolyton CS:Good afternoon! (Thu 4:45pm)
Lt John:Hi Daniel (Thu 4:45pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:Unfortunately there is no moderation (Thu 4:44pm)
Daniel, Apolyton CS:I just logged on! Hi everybody! (Thu 4:44pm)
Lt John:Is there some kind of filter so that people can ask questions through the moderator? It could get confusing having 100 people all chatting at once... (Thu 4:44pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:There is no limit... (Thu 4:43pm)
Lt John:So how long can your messages be? Can you just keep typing long responses, or do you have to break them up? (Thu 4:42pm)
Markos, Apolyton CS:It would be nice if you did... (Thu 4:42pm)