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Continuing our effort to bring you as much as info on C:CTP we can, we present some of the most interestings parts of the manual.

'Renaissance' Monument Screen
Renaissance Age monument screen.

'Modern' Monument Screen
Modern age monument screen.

Military readiness represents the cost of maintaining a war machine. During peacetime, units are not in training and are less prepared for battle. Much more production is required to support the units' maintainance and preparation for war. Production Cost: Depending on the Military Readiness setting(Stand Down, On Alert or At War), the Civilization will expend a certain amount of production in sustaining its military units. The production costs of maintaining a military at war is much more than one which is standing down. Benefit Full Health for Units: The benefit of being at war is that although you spend more production to support units, the units can achive full health. When standing down, units have a maxium of 75% health. Time to Take Effect: From a Stand Down position, it takes ten turns to achieve At War status, so waging a war require some forethought. If you see an enemy preparing for a war, check yout Military Readiness so that you will not be caught to late. However, standing down is immediate.

The goverment type you choose sets your people's expectations for Workday, Wages and Rations. The Civilization's goverment also dictaes the effects of pollution and crime, modifies the rate at which Science is researched, and moderates the effects of Military Readiness. It also determinesthe maximum size and number of cities that you can rule effectively.

War discontent is unhappiness, which occurs as a result of 1) military units having left their cities and 2) military units being killed. The magnitude of war discontent depends on the goverment type, but the manifestation is always the same: unhappiness throughout the empire.

Cities farther from the Capital tend to be less happy than cities neat it. If your capital is captured, your entire Civilization suffers from great distress unit you build a new caiptol in another city. Roads and other transportation tile improvements make distant cities happier as they can communicate more easily with the capital.

The Citizens can be Workers(default, work on tiles), Scientists(increase science), Entertainers(increase happiness), Merchants(increase gold) and Laborers(increase production)

The following unconventional units can be build only under a specific goverment and are destroyed when the goverment is changed: Cleric(Theocracy), Televangelist(Theocracy), Fascist(Fascism), Eco Ranger(Ecotopia), Ecoterrorist(Ecotopia)

If you wish to move lad units into your sea cities, you will need to construct underwater tunnels. If any portion of the connecting tunnels is destroyed all units that are inside the tunnel will die.

This city improvement allows you to rush buy new items without any added cost - the amount of gold required to rush buy will be the same as the production cost.

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