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We present the third and final report effort on some of the most interestings parts of the manual.

Some select picks of quotes from famous figures found throughout the manual:
"When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it" -- Bernard Bailey

"All science is either physics or stamp collecting" -- E. Rutherford.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has been destroyed from within" -- Will Durant.

"I want to put a ding in the universe" -- Steve Jobs.

You can create a monopoly in a city from any number of commodities. Here's the complete list: Alligator; Beaver; Caribou; Crab; Diamond; Elephant; Giant Squid; Grapes; Jade; Oil; Pearls; Poppies; Ruby; Sugar; Tobacco and Whales. Merely aquire a seoncd good of a single type at a single city and you'll monopolize the product! The first good is worth 10 gold, the second worth 20, the third and fourth 30 and 40 (maximum) gold respectively.

Five traits define a leader's personality:

  • Reliability: How loyal is the leader to friends and allies; how committed is he or she to protecting their homeland?
  • Growth Style: How does the leader prioritize increasing the number of his or her Civilization's cities or improving existing cities?
  • Aggression: Does the leader react with violence or compliance?
  • Environmental Concern: Is the leader environmentally conscious or a rampant polluter?
  • Attitude: Refers to the reaction of each player towards the other; attitude is determined over time as a result of your actions.

A treaty is a long-term agreement between two Civilizations. There are three types of treaties:

  • Peace Treaty: This is a temporary agreement for peace between two Civilizations. Often used during wartime in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, it lasts for ten turns.
  • Alliance: This is a permanent agreement for peace between two Civilizations. Violate this and you will damage your reputation.
  • Eco Pact: This is another temporary agreement between two Civilizations in which both parties simultaneously case fire and endeavour to decrease their own pollution while monitoring the progress of the other. The agreement ends when one or the other party succeeds in returning pollution to a non-threatening level.

If a demand is meant, an implied five-turn peacy treaty is created, which if broken, will lower your reputation. In addition to what you could demand in CivII (and MGE), added to it are stopping piracy (of your trade routes), reducing pollution and stopping trespassers (foreign units to return home).

Causes: CITIZENS (the more densely populated a city, the more likely it is to generate pollution); NUCLEAR WAR & SPACE LAUNCHES (fallout of nuclear blasts and the combustion of propellants needed to lift rockets into space) can both severely damage the ozone layer.
Results: DEAD TILES (as the ozone is destroyed, tiles lose their resources and become completely useless -- if severe enough, it can cause enough damage to decimate a Civilization); FLOODING (first arable lands turn into useless swamps but, if prolonged and intensified, waters may rise and drown the coastlines, decreasing amount of usable land and enhiliating coastal cities).

This is one of the three ways to successfully finish a game of CTP. If you achieve this, you will launch mankind into a new era of being. There are some basic steps to produce this end result, outlined below.

  • Begin by building the "Wormhole Detector" Wonder. Yoou will see a Wormhole appear in space, which other players will see after a set number of turns. It does not remain stationary, but while it moves slowly you must act quickly.
  • Build the Wormhole Probe unit and send it into the wormhole. Once this is done, you will be able to begin work on the Xenoform Laboratory (X-Lab for short) immediately.
  • Build the components of the X-Lab in any number of cities in your empire.
  • Once the X-Lab is built in a city, it can begin analysis of the alien DNA and peform its transcription and translation.
  • Finally, there are four additional improvements you must build before you can bring about the alien clone(!) They are the Embryo Tank (yep, where the alien gestates), Containment Field (three, in fact, in order for gestation to occur), Gene Splicers (up to three can be built to achieve maximum rate of increase for stages to progress) and finally the Extra-Terrestrial Communication Device (ECD) (six of which must be built).

You've heard maps discussed before -- here are the different sizes available. Small -- 24x48 [tiles]; Medium -- 48x96; Large -- 64x128 and Very Large -- 70x140.
You can also set the way the edge of map works. With an Earth World. the east and west edges of the map are connected while in a Doghnut World, the north and south edges are connected as well as the ones east and west.

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