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Welcome to Apolyton CS: CTP's feature page!
From here, we hope to provide some background information into C:CTP. Enjoy!

(Information Courtesy Activision)


Civilization: Call to Powerę is looking to usher in the next era of world-building strategy games. Claiming to offer more unique features than any other game in the genre, it will feature a 7000-year time span ranging from primitive history to the future realms of science fiction.
The experience is being further developed with freshly formulated non-military strategies, vivid graphics, an engaging multiplayer mode and expansive empire management options. (Who would want to argue with any of these? :)).


Command, Defend, and Conquer: Realize the destiny of your civilization as you command powerful armies. Deploy over 65 beautifully-detailed units, 7000 years worth of weaponry, and over 100 technological advances.
Build a Better Empire: Exploration, discovery, research, technology, and the Wonders of the World are your tools as a global leader. Make every social, economic and political decision to shape your civilization's destiny.
Colonize the Planet and Beyond: Lead your conquest on Land, Sea, and Space. Retrace the steps of mankind across the globe. Build orbital space colonies and add speed to your arsenal. Discover and harvest vast oceanic resources to grow immense underwater empires.
Devise Tactics and Strategies: Employ millions of strategies to rule the world - from peaceful to violent, diplomatic to devious. Reinforce your military might with unconventional warfare, such as economic attacks, propaganda attacks, biological terrorism, and religious conversion.
Practice Worldwide Domination: Test your multiplayer leadership abilities against other world superpowers via the Internet and LAN.



The Future is in Your Hands: Develop your empire over 7,000 years - from the age of the nomads in 4000 BC to the space age of 3000 AD utilizing an amazing variety of elements. These include units, buildings, wonders, government and research options. &nbps; [ "So what's that thing-a-majig?" ]

Not All Wars Are Fought on the Battlefield: Now, take advantage of unconventional types of warfare which have recently made headlines in today's society - such as biological terrorism or religious conversion to weaken and devastate enemies. Adapt your own strategic sensibility - from peaceful to violent, straightforward to devious.
[ "Anything goes, anything goes..." ]

Every Decision Has Repercussions: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remember that from your Science classes? You should, because it is useful to know in Civilization: Call To Power. Any and every instance of progress or decline in your empire can be traced back to one or more of your decisions. An unfortunate incident in one enemy's city may pread to other metropolises, possibly leading you into a war with an unintended party.
[ "Aw but man, HE started it!!" ]

New Ways to Manage Your World: Civilization: Call to Power provides both new concepts and time-saving tools that you have never seen the likes of. For example, the addition military readiness is welcome, as are options that simplify empire management. Like what? Well, such as an advanced queuing system that frees you up to focus on the big picture can come in real handy.   [ "I told you NOT to touch the red button! *Sigh*" ]

Discover Who Among Your Friends Will Rule: Go head-to-head in multiplayer world-building via the Internet, LAN, modem-to-modem, or e-mail. But remember -- in war, even friends can become enemies.
[ "OH YEAH!!?? Eat my cyberdust!" ]

Coming Spring '99!

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