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Various stuff from the Computer Games Strategy Plus preview

  • Priests
    Build under Theocracy. Convert enemy cities. Converted cities will tithe a portion of their productivity to the priest's civilization, and become very angy if their own goverment attacks units belonging to the priest's civilization.

  • Bio units
    Build under Technocracy. Infect the water supply of a city, and the results may spread to other cities via trades routes

  • Space and sea colonization
    Space is represented as a gray layer overlaying the main map. Space-based units can attack ground units. Floating fixed-orbit colonies can be built, which can produce special, high-powered units.
    Undersea is full of resources and cities and channels can be built. Channels can be a good way to land troops into enemy zones but can also be destroyed by the enemy, killing the units inside it!

  • Trade system
    Trade is associated with the resources around the city. If a city is nearby a square with oil, oil can be traded with other cities. Prices depend on how much you can collect. Trade routes are visible on the map, and trade routes may be pirated by the enemy(without causing war)

  • Dimplomacy
    There are new options in diplomatic negotiations: demand cities, trade cities(with allies), ask to attack a specific city, and more.

  • Buildings
    Bazaar-full of exotic wares and necessary goods, this raucous conglomeration of tents and stalls will attract trade to a city.
    University-ivy-twined walls full of arcane wisdom allow the training of eminent Professors.
    Movie Palace-a three thousand seat wonderland of lights and sound, the theater maintains a city's happiness even in times of war.
    House of Freezing-this structure provides a cryonic haven from disease, allowing scientists the necessary time to develop a cure.
    Nanite Factory-the discovery and use of nanites, sub-cellular construction machines, allows cheaper and faster mass production.

  • While computer plays
    The player will be able to to view cities and give orders to units which will be performed on the next turn.

  • Game messages
    Notices and messages(e.g. "order restored in Rome") will be shown as icons on the left side of the screen. The can be read at anytime or be ignored.

  • Use of mouse
    Select a unit with left-click, set destination of unit with right-click

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