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Welcome to Apolyton CS: CTP's City Improvements Reference Sheet!
The table below is a listing of each of the improvements made available to you
throughout the evolutionary course of CTP.

(Information Courtesy BradyGames)

NameCostEffectMaint. CostRestrictions
Academy540+50% Science, +1/2 Science per Citizen4Land Only
Airport2,500+50% Gold, +100% Pollution20Land Only
Aqua-Filter8,000-5 Overcrowding5 
Aqueduct405+20% Food, -2 Overcrowding3Land Only
Arcologies5,000-4 Overcrowding15 
Bank1,125+50% Gold, Allows Merchants10 
Beef Vat3,000Prevents Starvation3 
Bio Memory Chip2,800+50% Science, +1 Science per Citizen5 
Body Exchange10,000+3 Happiness50 
Cathedral2,475+3 Happiness (+1 Under Communism, +5 Under Theocracy)10 
City Clock1,620+1 Gold per Citizen5Land Only
City Wall405+4 Defense, Prevents Slavery, Prevents Conversions 50% of the Time3Land Only
Coliseum1,035+2 Happiness8Land Only
Computer Center2,400+50% Science, +1/2 Science per Citizen24 
Courthouse270-50% Crime2Land Only
Drug Store3,000+3 Happiness, +25% Production10 
Eco-Transit3,500-200% Pollution15 
Factory2,025+50% Production, Allows Laborers, +100% Pollution20 
Forcefield6,000+12 Defense30 
Fusion Plant10,000+50% Production, -100% Pollution30 
Granary54050% Less Food Required to Grow1Land Only
Hospital2,250-3 Overcrowding10 
House of Freezing5,000+50% Gold, +5 Happiness Under Theocracy25 
Incubation Center2,500+25% Production25 
Marketplace675+50% Gold, Allows Merchants5Land Only
Micro Defense3,500Prevents Infect City and Nano Attacks15 
Mill1,125+50% Production10Land Only
Mind Controller10,000No Unhappiness, Prevents Slavery, Prevents Conversion 50% of the Time50 
Movie Palace1,500Lowers War Discontent 50%10 
Nanite Factory4,000Gold = Production for Rush Buy30Space Only
Nuclear Plant5,500+50% Production, -50% Pollution45 
Oil Refinery3,500+50% Production, +200% Pollution20Land and Sea Only
Publishing House540+25% Science, +1/2 Science per Citizen6Land Only
Rail Launcher6,000Launches Units into Space15Land and Sea Only
Recycling Plant3,000-200% City Pollution, Lowers Worldwide Pollution5 
Robotic Plant4,500+50% Production, +100% Pollution45 
SDI5,000Prevents Nuke Attack on City10Land and Sea Only
Security Monitor4,000+25% Production, -50% Crime -100% Pollution10 
Television3,000+5 Gold Per Citizen50 
Temple270+2 Happiness2Land Only
Theater495Doubles Effect of Entertainers, +1 Happiness1Land Only
University1,350+50% Science12 

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