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"Your own Forbidden City" replaces civ1's castle and civ2's throne room

You upgrade a general capital area ( a Forbidden City of Sorts) that evolves over the 5 Ages ( they go from Stone Age into Space). It starts out very primitive and contains 5 key regions. 1) The leader's home 2) a place of worship 3) early form of entertainment 4) road or area of transportation, 5) place of learning

The Monuments Impact Game Play.
Each of these spots looks beautiful and also represents a specific game play benefit. For example, the entertainment area will benefit the leader's happiness. The benefits will be small (so as not to throw off game balancing) but noticeable.

Many of the Monuments Represent Events
The places will be dedicated to you. So if you click on the entertainment area for the Romans, you will get a message indicating that the Romans dedicate an Olympics Game to your greatness. In this way, it's not just buildings that are your reward but also actual events. I think this makes the reward more active, more engaging and add to the feel that you are truly ruling a great empire.

Posted by Cecilia Barajas on Activision's CTP Site

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