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Here are some examples of reducing micromanagement:

- Build queues: you can order build queues in each city, lining up a list of buildings/units that you want to build. If you have specific methods of building cities, you can save your queues and load them up into new cities whenever you want.

- Research queues: you can set a goal technology advancement, and the computer will research the technologies that it needs to get there automatically.

- City management screen: We made the city status screen much more user friendly. First, you can sort the presentation of your city list by gold, production, hapiness, size, trade, etc. Second, you can access any city from the city status screen and issue orders to it directly from the screen (no more wandering the map from city to city). Finally, you can select multiple cities and tell them to change production from that screen (let's say that you discover industrialization and want everyone to stop what they're doing to build factories).

- Friendlier maps: The map scrolls with your mouse movement. This sounds minor, but it is actually a big time saver. You can also access city status without entering a city screen by right clicking on the city. Pertinent info will come up on the game menu bar- you won't have to leave the map.

- City macros: There are now macro buttons in the city screens that allow you to maximize production, happiness, growth, or science by clicking on a single button. If you want to move your city workers around individually, you still can.

- Civic improvements: I mentioned this another thread (called "Irrigation"), but we've reduced the micromanagement associated with settlers/engineers.

Posted by Lt. John on Apolyton CS: CTP Forums

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