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Government Types :

  • Anarchy
  • Tyranny
  • Monarchy
  • Theocracy
  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • City State
  • Democracy
  • Multinational Republic
  • Ecotopian
  • Technocracy
  • Virtual Democracy

    Heavy weapons:
    We are looking into making some elements of gameplay optional during set-up. So if you want to outlaw nukes, everyone would agree before a multiplayer game and then nukes would be unavailable during the game. This is only an idea- the idea will be finalized as we play balance and test multiplayer for hacking and cheating.

    You will be able to create your own Civ- so the Dutch may once again rule the world through trade!

    While we don't have plans for setting borders with lines, we have something called "active defense" that will enable you to protect your borders more easily. Basically, units placed on active defense (they have to be in fortify mode) will get first licks on any unit that tries to get through them, and will prevent most units from sneaking through. This will help keep pesky enemy settlers and spies from breaching your borders.

    Railroads will no longer offer unlimited movement- they now have a movement cost (I think that it is 1/6 of a point). A future improvement- maglev trains- will have unlimited movement (much like RR in Civ2)

    To answer the original post- map sizes will be up to you. Like in Civ2, you'll have a random map generator which you can select your map size. There are four defaults: small, medium, large, gigantic. You can also load in custom made maps. At the beginning of the game, you can select whether or not you want "map wraps", wherein scrolling east will eventually wrap you back to the west side of the map (works for north/south as well) Each random world is created using six customization settings- wet/dry, warm/cold, ocean/land, islands/continents, homogeneous/diverse, and rich/poor. Prior to launch you can toggle each setting to help shape the randomizer.

    Terrain Types:
    There will be a variety of different terrain types, including desert, forest, glacier, grassland, hills, rain forest, alpine, savannah, swamps and tundra.

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