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* - Wonder
# - Tile improvement
@ - Improvement
! - Unit

Religion - @Temple, *Ramayana
Mining - #Mines
Tool-Making - !Slaver, !Warrior, #Roads
Agriculture - @Granary, #Farms
Trade - !Caravan
Astronomy (Religion) - *Stonehenge
Theocracy (Religion) - !Cleric, *Hagia Sophia
Monarchy (Religion) - *Chichen Itza
Stone-Working (Mining, Tool-Making) - @City Wall, @Capitol,
    #Fortification, *Sphinx
Bronze-Working (Mining, Tool-Making) - !Phalanx
Shipbuilding (Tool-Making) - !Trireme, #Nets, *The Labyrinth
Domestication (Agriculture) - !Mounted Archer, @Marketplace
Writing (Agriculture)
Geometry (Stone-Working, Trade)
Iron-Working (Bronze-Working) - !Legion
Jurisprudence (Writing) - !Samurai, @Courthouse
Engineering (Geometry) - @Coliseum, @Aqueduct, @Infrastructure,
   *Forbidden City
Alchemy (Iron-Working) - !Archer, !Fire Trireme,
   *Philosopher's Stone
Hull-Making (Iron-Working, Ship-Building) - !Longship
Stirrup (Iron-Working, Domestication) - !Knight
Philosophy (Jurisprudence, Religion) - @Academy, @Theatre
Bureaucracy (Trade) - !Diplomat, *Confucious Academy

Ocean-Faring (Hull-Making, Astronomy) - #Big Nets,
   *East India Company
Classical Education (Philosophy, Geometry) - @University
Banking (Bureaucracy, Jurisprudence) - @Bank
Republic (Bureaucracy)
Perspective (Engineering, Banking) - @Cathedral
Agricultural Revolution (Trade, Classical Education) -
   !Pikeman, #Mill
Gunpowder (Agricultural Revolution, Alchemy) -
   !Musketeer, #Advanced Mines
Printing Press (Agricultural Revolution, Classical Edu) -
   @Publishing House, *Guttenberg Bible
Mechanical Clock (Agriculture Rev, Ocean Faring) - @City Clock
Optics (Astronomy, Mech Clock) - *Galileo's Telescope
Cannon-Making (Gunpowder) - !Cannon
Cavalry Tactics (Stirrup, Gunpowder) - !Cavalry
Age of Reason (Printing Press, Mech Clock) -
   !Abolitionist, *Emancipation
Democracy (Printing Press) - !Lawyer
Machine Tools (Mech Clock) - !Ship of the Line
Nationalism (Banking, Printing Press) - !Spy
Physics (Optics, Age of Reason)
Industrial Revolution (Mach Tools, Cannon-Mkg) - @Factory
Medicine (Classical Edu, Optics) - @Hospital
Economics (Age of Reason, Nationalism) - @Capitalization,
   *London Exchange

Railroad (Indust Rev, Economics) - #Railroads
Communism (Indust Rev, Economics)
Chemistry (Medicine)
Steel (Ocean Faring, Railroad) - !Battleship
Oil Refining (Railroad, Chemistry) - !Submarine,
   @Oil Refinery, #Advanced Farms
Electricity (Railroad) - *Edison's Lab
Corporation (Railroad, Economics) - !Corporate Branch
Electrification (Perspective, Electricity) -
   @Movie Palace, #Listening Post
Explosives (Cannon, Oil Refining) - !Machine Gunner,
Mass Production (Oil Refining) - !Troop Ship, !Destroyer,
   !Marine, #Sonar Buoy
Pharmaceuticals (Chemistry) - @Drug Store, *Contraception
Aerodynamics (Physics, Mass Prod) - !Aircraft Carrier,
   !Fighter, @Airport, #Air Base
Tank Warfare (Cavalry Tactics, Mass Prod) - !Tank
Conservation (Age of Reason, Mass Prod) - @Recycling Plant
Genetics (Pharmaceuticals) - !Infector, *Genome Project
Mass Media (Electrification, Corporation) - !Televangelist,
   @Television, *Hollywood
Fascism (Electrification, Nationalism) - !Fascist
Rocketry (Aerodynamics, Explosives) - !Mobile SAM
Computer (Eletricity) - @Computer Center, *Internet
Globenet (Mass Media) - *Globesat
Quantum Physics (Physics, Rocketry) - @Nuclear Plant, !Nuke
Jet Propulsion (Rocketry) - !Interceptor, !Bomber,
   !Paratrooper, #Radar Station
Space Flight (Jet Prop, Computer) - !Cargo Pod, @SDI
Global Defense (Explosive, Globenet) - *The Agency

Robotics (Mass Prod, Computer) - !Spy Plane, !War Walker,
   @Robotic Plant, #Automated Fisheries
Human Cloning (Genetics, Computer) - @Micro Defense,
   @Incubation Center
AI Surveillance (Robotics) - @Security Monitor
Genetic Tailoring (Human Cloning) - @Beef Vat, #Food Tanks,
   *Dinosaur Park
Advanced Composites (Space Flight) - !Space Plane,
   !Stealth Bomber
Ecotopia (Conservation, Genetic Tailoring) - !Ecoterrorist
Technocracy (AI Surv) - !Plasmatica
Superconductor (Computer, Space Flight) - @Rail Launcher,
Corporate Republic (Globenet, Space Flight)
Smart Materials (Adv Composites) - !Space Fighter,
  #Hydroponic Farms, *Star Ladder
Fuel Cells (Electrification, SuperConductor) -
   @Aqua-Filter, @Eco-Transit
Unified Physics (Superconductor) - @Forcefield,
   *National Shield
Fusion (Quantum Physics, Unified Physics) - !Leviathan,
   !Fusin Tank, @Fusion Plant
Arcologies (Adv Composites, Fuel Cells) - !Arcologies
Neural Interface (Unified Physics) - @Bio Memory Chip,
   !Cyber Ninja, *Sensorium
Cryonics (Human Cloning, Unified Physics) -
   @House of Freezing
Space Colonies (Smart Matrl, Arcologies) - #Food Pods,
   !Space Engineer, !Space Marine, #Assembly Bays
Sea Colonies (Steel, Arcologies) -!Sea Engineer,
   !Stealth Sub, #Undersea Tunnels, #Undersea Mines
Nano-Assembly (AI Surv, Neutral Interface) -
   @Nanite Factory, *The Primer, *Nanite Defuser

Alien Archaeology (Fusion, Space Colonies)
Zero-G Industry (Space Colonies) - !Space Bomber
Ultra-Pressure Machinery (Sea Colonies) - !Crawler,
   !Plasma Destroyer, #Advanced Undersea Mines
Gaia Theory (Conservation, Nano-Assembly) -
   *Gaia Controller
Eden Project (Ecotopia, Nano-Assembly) - *Eden Project
Life Extension (Neural Interface) - @Body Exchange,
  *Immunity Chip
Mind Control (Tecnocracy, Human Cloning) -
   @Mind Controller, *AI Entity
Digital Encryption (Globenet, Corporate Republic) -
   *Global E-Bank
Wormholes (Alien Arch) - !Wormhole Probe,
   *Wormhole Sensor
Asteroid Mining (ZeroG Ind) - !Star Cruiser, !Swarm,
   #Food Modules, #Advanced Assembly Bays
Virtual Democracy (Life Ext) - *Egalitarian Act
Subneural Ad (Digital Encr) - !Subneural Ad
Cloaking (Wormholes, Asteroid Mining) - !Phantom

Posted by Ray Kerby on Usenet

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