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Welcome to Apolyton CS: CTP's Terrain Reference Sheet!
The table below can help familarize yourself with the numerous types of terrain in CTP.

(Information Courtesy BradyGames & Activision)

Terrain TypeFoodProductionGoldMovementDefense BonusPossible ConstructionSpecial Resource(s)
Beach10551 Fishing, Undersea Tunnels 
Continental Shelf101051 Fishing, Undersea Tunnels 
Dead Tile0001   
Deep Water51551 Fishing, Undersea Tunnels, Undersea MinesGiant Squid, Whales
Desert0502 Roads, Farms, Mines 
Desert Hill0105250%Roads, Mines 
Forest5200250% RoadsBeaver
Grassland10501 Roads, Farms, MinesPoppies, Tabacoo
Hill5105250% Roads, MinesCoffee, Grapes
Jungle5200350% RoadsJade, Sugar
Mountain02054100% Roads, MinesDiamonds, Rubies
Plains51001 Roads, Farms, MinesElephant
Polar Hill0105250%Roads, Mines 
Rift52551 Fishing, Undersea Tunnels, Undersea Mines  
River+5+5+51/2 As Underlying Tile 
Shallow Water101051 Fishing, Undersea TunnelsCrab, Pearls
Space0001/20 Food Pods, Assembly Bays 
Swamp050350% RoadsAlligator
Trench101051 Fishing 
Tundra5002 RoadsCaribou
Volcano545101 Fishing, Undersea Tunnels, Undersea Mines 

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