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Welcome to Apolyton CS: CTP's Wonders Reference Sheet!
The table below is a clear outline of all Wonders that are capable of being built in a game of CTP.

(Information Courtesy BradyGames)

The AgencyModern7,200Gives the Protection of a Spy in Every CityAlien Archaeology
AI EntityDiamond12,000Makes All Citizens Content 
Chichen ItzaAncient2,160Eliminates Crime in CivilizationMass Production
Confucius AcademyAncient2,160Eliminates Unhappiness Due to Distance from CapitolMass Production
ContraceptionModern7,200Increases Happiness by 5 Throughout CivilizationAlien Archaeology
Dinosaur ParkGenetic7,200Quadruples Gold from Goods in Host CityCloaking
East India CompanyRenaissance4,320Gives Player 5 Gold for Each Foreign Trade Route Crossing Water, Increases Boat Movement by 1Mass Production
The Eden ProjectDiamond8,000Destroys Top 3 Polluting Cities; Ecotopias Can Make Eco Rangers 
Edison's LabModern7,200Grants 10 Free Advances per Age On AverageAlien Archaeology
Egalitarian Act Diamond20,000Causes All Revolting Foreign Cities to Join Owner's Civilization  
Emancipation ActRenaissance5,760Converts All Slaves in All Civilizations into Citizens, All Foreign Slave Cities Suffer -3 Happiness for 5 Turns 
ESP CenterDiamond14,400Earns Higher Regard from All Other Civilizations, Opens Embassies (Even Those at War), Prevents Civilizations from Attacking Owner First 
Forbidden CityAncient2,160Closes All Foreign Embassies, Prohibits Foreign Civilizations from Starting War With Owner, Earns Higher Regard From All Other Civilizations.Age of Reason
Gaia ControllerDiamond20,000Ends Threat of Global Disaster, +25% Food in Civilization 
Galileo's TelescopeRenaissance2,880Increases Effect of Scientists by 200% in Host CityRobotics
Genome ProjectModern7,200Increases Production by 10%, +10% Health for All UnitsAlien Archeology
Global E-BankDiamond15,200Earns 10 Gold per Trade Route Between Foreign Civilizations 
GlobeSatModern7,200Radar Coverage of the WorldCloaking
Gutenberg BibleRenaissance2,880Increases Science by 10% in All Cities, Eliminates Conversions in CivilizationMass Production
Hagia SophiaAncient3,240Adds 100% to Fees Paid by Converted Cities, Doubles Effectiveness of Temples and CathedralsMass Production
HollywoodModern7,200Receive 2 Gold per Citizen in Foreign Cities with TelevisionAlien Archaeology
Immunity Chip Diamond14,400Adds 5 Happiness and Protects All Cities from Infect City Attacks 
InternetModern7,200Allows 10 Free Advances per Age Known by Another CivilizationAlien Archaeology
Labyrinth Ancient2,160Gives Free CaravansAge of Reason
London ExchangeRenaissance4,320Eliminates Building Maintenance in CivilizationRobotics
Nanite DefuserGenetic14,400Eliminates All Nukes 
NanopediaGenetic14,400Increases Effect of Specialists by 100% in Civilization 
National ShieldGenetic20,000Creates a Forcefield in Every City 
Philosopher's StoneAncient2,880Opens an Embassy in Every CivilizationAge of Reason
RamayanaAncient2,160Increases Happiness by 3 throughout CivilizationAge of Reason
SensoriumGenetic20,000Eliminates Overcrowding Unhappiness, Eliminates Pollution Unhappiness 
SphinxAncient2,160Reduces Military Readiness Costs by 75%Age of Reason
Star LadderGenetic12,000Gives Free Transportation In and Out of Space in City (Top of Ladder is a Space Colony) 
StonehengeAncient2,160Increases Food by 25% in CivilizationAge of Reason
Wormhole SensorDiamond20,000Makes Wormhole Visible to All Civilizations 

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