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For your reading pleasure only :) , we have arranged a set of interviews with the C:CTP development team, to which we are grateful for this.

John Heinecke, Assistant Product Manager
John fields the most pressing questions from the gaming community during the immediate post-stages of CTP's release.

Rick Glenn, Art Director
Stunning visuals and realistic cinematic animations treat you to front row seats for a game mounting to be as sweet as molasses in January.

Steve Mariotti, Lead Programmer
Read along as Steve Mariotti guides us through the technical process which is helping make CTP just the way we want it.

Mark Lamia, Producer
Mark Lamia talks about the past, the present and future of CTP's production process.

William Westwater, Lead Designer
Have you ever thought of playing with 32 civilizations? Some day you will!

Cecilia Barajas, Director
We ask Cecilia Barajas about C:CTP, the new ideas that it brings, the development of the game and a bit about the future of C:CTP.
CNET INTERVIEW: CNET Radio has an interesting 15min. interview with Cecilia Barajas,available in Windows Media and Real Audio formats.

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