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How accurate will the game be in terms of civilizations, city names, units, technology tree, etc. to historical records?
Very accurate. We have done extensive fact checking on all our city names, and civilizations. As far as the technology tree, the design team has done massive research into the advances and technology tree - trying to present an interesting view of history as well that is easy and intuitive for game players to follow.

One of the great things in "Civ2" is the ease in which one can significantly modify the game. How easy will it be in C:CTP to do the same (especially the graphics)?
Currently the plan is to actually make the game even easier to modify than Civ2. We plan to allow advanced users out there to substitute art, maps, modify rule sets, behaviors and even AI.

The multiplayer ability is great (and something which, at the time this interview was conducted, was still under development for Civ2), but what happens in the single player mode? Will the AI be better (i.e. more adaptable to player strategies)? Does it "cheat", like AI engines in past (prime example being Civ2)?
As we all know, the AI for a game like this is absolutely critical. We have pretty ambitious plans for our AI. We will have very strong AI personalities that will intelligently respond to individual player strategies and use a variety of unconventional warfare as well. While the plan is to not "cheat," honestly, my main goal is to make the game fun. If we need to cheat to make the game fun, I may end up going to hell, but we'll cheat. Knock on wood though. So far, our AI does not cheat and is damn fun.

Some people have welcomed the new unconventional units, but others ask if they can avoid them. What's your response to them?
The unconventional units are very awesome, so although I know there may be some skeptics out there, I think once they see the new units and learn of the strategies they allow, they will want to use them. However, for those who don't want to use them, we not only have all the standard military units and strategies that you would expect in this game, we actually have more. So the game will still be great even if you never touch unconventional warfare.

In what stage is the development of the game now?
Currently post-Alpha - in the midst of play balancing and revisions.

Are there any thoughts of a public beta test? Perhaps a publicly available demo before or after the product is released?
Peter or Jamey can tell you more on this.
Note: Activision's John Heinecke has said in our forums that there wont be a public beta test.

Speaking of release, what is the exact release date? (j/k :))
The plan is for Christmas, but we aren't under any pressure to make this date so if we need to hold it for polish, we will.

In mid-July, MicroProse was purchased by Hasbro Interactive. As Activision bought a liscense from MicroProse to produce CTP with the "Civilization" trademark in the title, how has Hasbro's acquirement of MicroProse (and, at the same time, the "Civilization" name) affected the development of the game and the relationship between Activision and it's liscenser? Or, has it had no affect at all?
I can happily say that the whole purchase has really had no effect on us at all.

Finally, in an earlier press release when Activision first announced it was releasing "Call To Power" with the "Civilization" name in its title, also mentioned was the fact that the liscense extended to include an agreement to have one add-on product made to CTP once released. Although perhaps too early to tell, what can you tell us about the future development of this add-on?
That it will rock!

That was all ladies and gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed asking :) Our next interview is with Will Westwater, CTP's lead designer.


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