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Speaking of balance, some units and wonders in CivII are just too powerful. With C:CTP extending until 3000AD it must be really hard to balance the game, or not?
There is no doubt about it. Civilization: Call to Power is huge! Balancing this game is extremely difficult and time consuming. The powerful special units you mention, are just one part of an extremely large balancing plan that has to account for many other factors which are even more difficult to account for and balance. It is a tremendous undertaking that you can be sure our designers are working very hard on.

Can you tell us a bit about the artificial intelligence being developed for C:CTP?
I'll save that for when you interview our Lead Programmer. Needless to say, were going all out to make sure it rocks!

It was announced a little while ago that the beta testing of C:CTP would be made internally and not public. Can you be specific as to why this decision was made?
Logistics mostly. Being able to meaningfully process all of the information that could come from a large external beta test would inhibit us from getting the necessary feedback that beta testers provide. However, I have been working on a solution to this, where we could let external beta testers test, but restrict the numbers so that their feedback could be heard. Stay tuned.

Are there any plans to release a playable demo of C:CTP before or after its release?
Presently we are discussing doing a demo for post-release.

Do you have any definite plans on porting C:CTP in other platforms?
Nothing definite, but the Macintosh platform looks promising, as well as a Linux port.

Finally, is everything according to schedule?
While the team has done a fantastic job meeting its milestones to date, the play balance period is going to require more time. As you know by now, we have decided that a Holiday release would not be the best thing for the game, and that more time for play balancing would be best for the product.

That was all ladies and gentlemen. The Mac and Linux fans can hope for a better future :) Our next interview is with Stever Mariotti, CTP's Lead Programmer.



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