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Intended Changes In Upcoming Patch: April 26th, 1999
From: Peter "Enjolras" Karpas

"Hello everyone! Now that I'm back from vacation, I thought I should update everyone on the progress of the Civilization: Call to Power upgrade patch.

We are expecting to submit it to QA later this week (probably Thursday). QA has asked for one week to bang on it to make sure that in making the changes, we didn't break anything else. o if all goes well, the upgrade will be available late next week.
NO PROMISES on a date, however. If QA finds some things, it will take longer. No purpose in putting out an Upgrade that enhances some stuff but breaks others.

The list of what we are INTENDING to put into the Upgrade (again, as always, no hard promises until it's in and working) is as follows:

Solid list, I think, culled almost entirely from this group and the Apolyton site. I hope this begins to put to rest the "Will Activision support the game?" threads.

Hot Seat and PBEM are currently planned for the second Upgrade (they would have held up the first one by quite a while, and we didn't want to hold it back). As we progress, I'll keep everyone posted".

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