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(27/July/99) Steve Mariotti of the CTP Team describes the new scenario support features in patch 1.2

Version 1.2 is going to offer much more robust support for scenarios. In the previous version (1.1) we allowed for data-file override by putting the data directory structure in the saved game directories. With version 1.2, we offer support for Scenario Packs and Scenarios.

It works like this:
There is now a 'scenarios' directory that sits at the same directory level as the 'ctp_program' and 'ctp_data' directories. You will drop scenario pack folders into this directory to add them to the game. They can be named anything. The only restriction is that two scenario packs cannot have the same name (Windows won't let you have two directories with the same name sitting in the same directory, obviously.) These are displayed within CTP 1.2 as distinct scenario packs that the user can select. Once the user has selected a scenario pack, they can then choose one of the scenarios to play. A scenario pack can have up to 10000 scenarios.

The user can then select the scenario that they wish to play, and the game will launch (if the scenario has an associated saved game) or they will be allowed to pick their settings (if the scenario takes place on a random map.) As you can see, we've added a few new options for scenarios as well. A scenario can now be:

1. A saved empty map with starting locations for each civ.
2. A saved empty map with starting locations for each player.
3. A full saved game with fully built civilizations, and the player can choose to play ANY of the civs in the saved game (NEW.)
4. A random map with user settings (like a normal random map game) but allowing for special data files (NEW.)

In addition, all scenarios in a scenario pack can share the same custom data files, with the additional ability to override these data files for each individual scenario. This will allow a lot of flexibility, and avoid a lot of repetitive file copying when playing custom mods. With a little bit of prep work, all existing mods can be played without the need to touch the original CTP data files at all.

Scenario Packs and Scenarios also work for PBEM games, Hotseat games, and Multiplayer games, so you'll be able to take advantage of this new interface to scenarios for all styles of play (including new styles introduced with this version of the game.)

More details on exactly how to create scenario packs will be released with version 1.2. It should take someone about 5 minutes to roll one together the first time, and less after that. You can also customize your scenarios and scenario packs with custom descriptions and even a little custom TARGA image that displays inside the CTP user interface. We hope you guys have a blast with this stuff.

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