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Imagine this: it's 9 in the morning and the door bell rings. "What the $#%@" you think as you open the door to see that your beta copy of C:CTP is finally here! :)

Anyway, Day One Impressions:

Well, I didn't have the time to play it much, and I'm not going to start writing my part of the preview right here, but generally I would like to say that the game looks wonderfull. Stack combat seems to be the most important thing in the first stages.

Noteable changes:

  • When you choose an advance to research, each advance requires different number of turns
  • You can change what you're researching in the middle of the research(!)
  • Units belong to the whole civ not to a city
  • Forget most of your civ2 strategies: my first game was in prince(the names and number of the levels of difficulty are exactly the same as in civ2) and I gave it up to start on chieftain! I play civ2 on deity :)
  • Customisability: Lots of lots of text files to look into :) All graphics(including the momument screen ones as well as leader graphics) are in tga format, with the excetion of units which are in some spr format(but there is a uniticons.txt along with the other text files with reference to some tga files, so this could be used somehow, I can't tell now)

    More in the following days(or weeks if we forget to stop playing)

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