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More stuff I've found interesting while playing CTP...

  • In my build the cd is not required. Of course this can change easily, and it has been said that it will be a last minute decision. I urge Activision to keep it this way it is awfully nice to...
  • Listen to other musical cd's during the game. My build will play without hesitation any audio cd. If you change the cd the game will simply start playing it with no problems.
  • This doesn't mean that CTP's songs are bad. Quite the opposite(I'm actually listening to the 8 songs while writing this page :))
  • There are 42 civs to choose from as you may already know from our page about it. The definitions are set into a single text file. A comment in that files says that up to 64 civs can be defined. You can define you own leader pictures as they are simple .tga files and you have space for 30 city names.
  • PBEM(play be e-mail) is not supported on my build, but Lt John says it will be eventually, either in the final product, or as a free download.
  • The current multiplay options(on my build always) are Internet, LAN and IPX. The Internet options presents you with a list of Activision's server around the world showing how many people are on each server and how fast your speed is with each server.
  • Up to 1050 AD, each turn is 50 years. After that each turn is 5 years. I haven't go far enough to see when it change to 1 year/turn.
  • In the Ranking screen when you see the five best cities, if you click on one of the cities it will tell you when it was built and how many turns the city is old. Interesting idea...

  • An example of the scoring screen. Obviously, this image is the combination of two screenshots in order to show everything that is into the score formula.

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