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You know what that big drop in my powergraph is? It is when my AI Entity revolted! (For those who wonder I'm continuing a game I have already won back in 1954 just to see the future stuff)

Having a Forcefield Shield in your city is a great thing to secure it. Having it in all of your cities is simply marvelous.
Well, a bit more like "Days Five, Six and Seven" but here goes...

  • The "auto cycle turns" option in ctp is like the "don't wait at end of turn" one in civ1/2, with the adition that if nothing is built and there is nothing you can move(either because all units are fortified or they have orders to go somewhere) the turns ends automatically. This is VERY handy in the first part of the game where 7-8 turns pass with you needing to do anything...
  • When you capture a city, it's architecture style changes to yours. Unlike SMAC(in which the change doesn't happen only after a few turns and not always-somebody explain me how that works, I haven't figured it out) the change happens instantly
  • If you have a Slaver unit in your stack and you win a battle, it capture soldiers from the defeated and you gain a slave ctizen in the nearest city. VERY handy to get lots of slaves, but be carefull for the Aboltionists in later in the game.
  • Alliances are not that strong in CTP as in Civ2. You don't need to go through diplomacy to brake it, you can just attack the now enemy civ. However, your reputation is terribly damaged, you loose your trade routes with that civ, as well as your embassy.
  • Almost(if not all) units have voices. They don't speak always, and they don't have something to say in all occasions. For example, the legion whe selected may say "For the Empire!". You can turn voices off...
  • Each goverment type has an "empire size limit". This means that if you built for example over 30 cities under Republic, you will start to have unhapiness problems. It will be time to change goverment...

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