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The start of our collection of images and descriptions for the units in CTP.

(Information & Images Courtesy Activision)

Cleric With his long, flowing robe and holy glow, the Cleric is not all he appears to be. He'll seduce your people with promises of redemption - maybe even a little flagellation. Not only will he save their souls in the process, he'll also start collecting coffers of gold. Every turn, the flock of followers will tithe hefty sums of gold.
What's more -- they'll also give him their religious devotion --making it very difficult for their political leader to ever attack the now wealthy Cleric or his government. Whoever said salvation was free?
Legion The Legion is the most balanced attack unit against all ancient forces.
The Romans revolutionized warfare with the Legion by combining new weapons and new organization. Instead of a thrusting spear, the Legionnaire carried a pair of throwing spears called plium, and for close combat, he wielded a short sword. As he closed in on the enemy, he threw his spears. These spears were designed to break on impact with the enemy shield, weighing down the enemy's shield arm and opening the enemy soldier to attack by the Legionniare's short sword.
Tank The Tank is the fastest and most powerful of the Information Age units.
As Explosives and Mass Production, provided a fusion of weapons, chassis, and horsepower, the Tank evolved from a creeping, heavy machine gun nest, to a fast king of war. To match the new Tank, armies developed new tactics. These new strategies involved using a combination of tanks, aircraft, artillery, infantry, and radios to form a single organism of rapid warfare. Attackers focused on breaking through the enemy lines, disrupting enemy command and communication, and then encircling the blinded, confused front-line.
Ecoterrorist The ultimate terrorist, the Ecoterrorist has a number of special attacks. He can conduct hits against enemy polluters which will make the attacked city go into a state of Unhappiness. For more criminal polluting cities, he unleashes a nanovirus, that destroys all of the buildings within the city.
Developed by the Ecotopian government to carry war into the heart of their polluting enemies, the Ecoterrorist matches human perfection created by genetic tailoring with an inborn passion for environmental protection.
Artillery The Artillery fires new, highly-explosive shells, forcing enemy soldiers into the trenches (and later to the mental wards).
Mobile SAM During World War II, ground to air attacks consisted of rapid-firing small caliber artillery. The shells from these guns were fused to detonate at particular altitudes so that the shrapnel from the shell had the best chance of striking the enemy aircraft. The Surface-to-Air Missile, or SAM, changed all of this. Flying several times the speed of sound, large SAMs could reach all but the highest flying spy planes, and guided by radar or heat-sensitive tracking, SAM missiles chased down the enemy, requiring attackers to respond with chaff or flares to deflect their pursuers.

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