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Cathedral The Cathedral movement of the 12th and 13th Centuries embodied the growing wealth and faith of European Cities. Architects strove for the maximum vertical space in their symbolic attempt to bring man closer to God. Their quest for height encouraged flying buttresses, pointed arches, and crossed ribs. Naves at Amiens vaulted an incredible 139 feet and took sixteen years to build testifying to the faith and inspiration of both community and builder.
Philosophy The development of writing opened new ways of thinking. One of these was Philosophy. Philosophy provided analytical reasoning to human discussion. Early Philosophers laid the groundwork for future thinking by introducing conceptual reasoning. Whereas previous thinkers had worked only from concrete examples, the Philosopher deduced a conceptual thesis that he could then apply to similar, but different problems.
Spy Spies are as old as time, but the impact of the Spy increased greatly with new technology. Whereas in ancient times, technology limited spies to eavesdropping, assassination, and bribery, in modern times, explosives give spies the ability to wipe out entire cabinets.
City Clock The mechanical clock was developed in China before appearing in Europe in the 13th Century. By 1370, Charles V of France ordered all church bells to be rung at the sound of his new clock setting the "King's hour" for the first time. Gates opened and closed to the new time, and work began and ended with the chimes. Historical accounts support the powerful effect of the new clocks, which soon appeared in Cities throughout Europe.
Railroad The development of Machine Tools laid the groundwork for the construction of the steam engine and later the Railroad. However the railroad depended as much on developments in the theories of gasses and of vacuum - in particular, the manufacture of cylinders of perfect precision. The Railroad transformed business, encouraged American expansion, altered the tactics of war and revolutionized the world.
Space Plane Using intelligent materials to create the first truly reusable yet dependable launch vehicle, the Space Plane provides the comfort of an airline with the dependability of a compact car. Intelligent Materials radically altered the cost of space flight by reducing vehicle weight and by increasing safety. Created with metals that actively resist high stress and that report stress fractures before reaching failing, the Space Plane offers a better cargo-to-cost ratio than any previous space craft. Even more critical, for commercial flights, it nearly guarantees that passengers survive the flight.

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