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Units info from the CG Strategy Plus preview

Settler These adventurous souls set out with little more than supplies and dreams, founding new cities for your civilization.
Warrior The prototypical soldier is short on armament and skill, but well-endowed with ferocity.
Knight Steel-clad and armed to the teeth, these mounted units move swiftly and attack mercilessly.
Destroyer Speedy and moderately armed, these ships are the last thing a submarine wants to (and usually gets to) see.
Stealth Submarine Invisible to sonar, this high-tech seawolf provides a very real danger to undersea cities and trade routes.
Crawler Moving undetected across the ocean floor, these deep-water vehicles carry troops towards conquest and sabotage.
Space Engineer A brave new breed of settlers, these highly-trained technicians construct grand orbital colonies.
Space Fighter This well-armed fighter is equally at home in a vacuum or atmosphere, and actively defends against atmosphere-bound craft.
Space Marine Zero-g grunts in a crunchy shell, they're dangerous in battle and invaluable for defense.
Swarm Normal ground and air defenses are useless against these space-dropped troopers.
Battlecruiser Truly the behemoth of space, this armored fortress contains enough firepower to level (?!) an orbital city.

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