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Last Updated 11/1/00

Selecting Multiplayer from the Main menu will take you to the Multiplayer Setup screens.

Please note, Due to the complexity and length of the games, we highly recommend that the maximum number of human players in a game is limited to 4.

SELECT CONNECTION: Select a communication protocol form the connection Type list box. You must have a connection to the Internet to use the Internet connection type. You must be connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) to use IPX or TCP/TP. Selecting connection type displays information about the protocol in the Description text box. Click NEXT when you have selected a protocol.

Note about Internet play: Call to Power 2 may be incompatible with some high-speed Internet connections. Those Internet Service Providers, which require the user to dial-in and establish a connection in order to access the Internet, and use PPPOE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet), may be unable to play Call to Power 2 over the Internet. If you receive the message "Unable to join lobby" when selecting any server from the Internet Server List, Call to Power 2 may not support Internet play through your Internet Service Provider. LAN play over TCP/IP and IPX should not be affected.

Before contacting Activision Customer Support regarding any connection problems, please contact your ISP.

SELECT SERVER: All available servers are listed in the Server list box. Servers are sorted by PING (Packet Internet Groper) by default. Low PING numbers means a better, faster connection can be made. Anywhere PING times are displayed, the numbers will be color coded, green for good connection, yellow for some lag, red for high lag and a bad connection.


SELECT PROFILE: Choose a player name.


PROFILE: Create or edit a player profile. Your profile information will be available to other players.

Click OK to accept the new profile information and to create the profile or CANCEL to return to the previous screen without any changes.


MAIN CHAT: Selecting a profile allows the player to enter the lobby


SELECTING GAME SETUPS: When you create a game, you will be asked to choose from a list of setup options. Each time you create a new multiplayer game, the rules, exclusions, and map settings for that game will be saved as a setup with the name of that multiplayer game. You can load an old setup by clicking on Load Setup in the Select Setup menu. If you create a new setup instead, all game settings will be returned to their defaults.

CREATE/JOIN GAME SETUP: Create a game that you host and in which you specify the rules or join a game that someone else has created.

Players are listed in the players list box. Players are sortable by their column headers:

The chat editable text box can be sued to send messages to all players or to only specified players.

EXCLUSIONS: This is a list of all units, improvements, and wonders. Only the host can select items to be disallowed in the game.

Click on the button that corresponds to the type of exclusions you would like to make. Activate a checkbox by clicking on it once. The button will depress and a green dot will appear in the box. Deactivate a box by clicking it again to remove the green dot. Scroll right or left to view more items.

Clicking the REVIEW button displays the current Rule & Map settings chosen by the Host.

RULES: This allows the host to set the rules for the game.

CUSTOMIZE: This allows the host to customize game options.



The only way to win a multiplayer game is with blood. To be victorious, your empire must be the only nation on the map. Vae victus!!

In the game, if the host wishes to kick a player, then the host can press ctrl+n to bring up a list of all the players in the game. To kick a player, select the player, that you wish to click, and then click on the Kick button. Note: you can only kick human players from the game and not the AI. Also, if dynamically join is turned on, the host can choose to close off any Empires from being taken over by new players. To do this, select the empire and then click on either Open (allow human players to take over this Empire) or Close (to disallow human players from taking over this Empire).

Also, if a human player chooses to leave a game, then the AI will automatically take the place of the departing player. However, the human player will not be able to rejoin the game if dynamic join is not turned on. If this is the case, then the host will have to quit the game and restart a new one from a saved game.

Finally, to chat with other players in the game, hit the apostrophe key (') to bring up the chat window. Type your message in the editable field and hit ENTER to send hit. To close the box, hit ENTER when there are not words in the field. When a message is sent, all the other players will hear a chime and the message will appear in the upper left hand corner. While messages will appear on the game screen, they will fade away after a short period of time, however all messages can be reviewed in the chat window.

SAVING & LOADING: Only the host of the game has the ability to Save or Load the game and they can do it at any time. Please note: due to the length of typical games along with the inherent instability of the Internet, we strongly recommend that ‘Autosave’ be enabled to automatically store games in the event of a disconnection.

When loading a save game with AI players, it may appear that the AI is not present. They are, and once the game is loaded they will continue to play. AI opponents don’t appear in the Multiplayer Game Setup screens.

RESYNCHRONIZATION: Network latency (sometimes referred to as "lag") and lost packets of information, may occasionally cause a multiplayer game to go slightly "out of synch." This means that what one player is seeing might not be the same as what another player sees. Call to Power 2 will detect this and "resynchronize" all the players. During resynchronization, a message box will appear and pause all turns. If you lose your connection during this process, use the Abort button to cancel the resynchronization and immediately disconnect from the multiplayer game. If the Resynchronization box appears frequently during a game, double check your connection or try playing at another time when network traffic is lighter.

WHEN A PLAYER LEAVES: When a human player leaves the game, an AI player will fill in for them. This includes the host player or any of the clients.

NO RETREAT: Unlike the single player version of Call to Power 2, the attacker cannot retreat from a battle.

MOVING THE MAP DURING OTHER PEOPLE’S TURNS: If the map is scrolled rapidly during an opponents turn, the cycling of turns may be interrupted and the game will appear to be paused.

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