Q: When will Call to Power II be released?
A: Call to Power II is scheduled for a November 2000 release. As with all software in development, this date could shift.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for Call
to Power II?

A: The minimum system requirements have not been firmly decided upon yet. Since the game uses the same technology as Civilization®: Call to Power, the minimum requirements should not differ too much from the first game.

Q: What are the major differences between Civilization®: Call to Power and Call to Power II?
A: Call to Power II was designed from a lot of feedback from those who played Civilization®: Call to Power. We incorporated the most common requests, including a major upgrade to the diplomacy system, a more realistic combat system, national borders, automated city mayors, and a number of improvements to the game's interface. You can find out more about these changes on this web page.

Q: Can I still colonize undersea and space?
A: Undersea colonization is a major part of the game, and is imperitive in order to meet the requirements for the scientific victory achievement. Space colonization was dropped from Call to Power II because the designers felt that removing the player from the world map did not add to the game.

Q: What are some of the enhancements of the diplomacy system?
A: The number of options for negotiation has been increased significantly. Players have over twenty different negotiation and treaty requests that they can make, including requests for annual tributes, research pacts, and unilateral weapons reductions. Players can also take a negotiating stance, from hostile to obsequious, in order to tailor their diplomatic relations to each opponent personality. Finally, the player has the option to counter-propose a diplomatic request. For example, if a neighboring empire requests a scientific advance from you, you could counter-propose a request for gold, effectively selling your scientific knowledge.

Q: Are scenarios included in Call to Power II? What about a
World Map?

A: Yes, Call to Power II will have much more robust scenario building capabilities than it's predecessor. We plan to ship with three scenarios with the game- an Alexander The Great scenario, a World War II scenario, and a Nuclear Detente scenario. We will also include a World Map with Call to Power II.

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