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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
This is a forum project continually growing and expanding in this thread.
I will try to keep up to date, but please bear with me if I do not.
Last Update 15/3/2003

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Troubleshooting Section
Q01 Help! I play against the same opponents every time.
Q02 Why can I load Tanks into Cargo Helicopters?
Q07 How can I play against more than 8 opponents?
Q33 Can a revolting city become a new civ instead of a Barbarian city?
Q37 Why are there no ruins (goody huts) in my games?
Q44 Why do I not get production points for disbanding units in a city?
Q53 Why can't I find userprofile.txt and/or servers.dat anywhere?
Q56 Why does the game freeze for a few minutes when playing "Cradle"?
Q60 Help! I can't unload units from stacks of 12 units.

Q1: When I start a new game, I always play against the same civs (in the unmodded game: Americans, English, Greek, Scottish, etc). Why can't I play against random opponents?

A1: If you want to play with random civs (regardless of what mods you're (not) using), there are two things to keep in mind:
1. You have to play on one of the higher difficulty levels, Prince/Medium or higher.
2. You have to make sure NonRandomCivs in ctp2_program\userprofile.txt is set to No.

If both these conditions are met you'll play against different opponents every time you start a new game.

Q2: Why can I / the AI load tanks into cargo helicopters, I thought they were for transporting troops (paratroopers)?

A2: Its a bug that is easy to correct, here goes.
1. Open the file called Units.txt in your favorite text editor (path \ctp2_data\default\gamedata from where you installed ctp2).
2. Do a search for the word UNIT_TANK and find the line underneath that says "Size: Small".
3. Change that line to "Size: Medium" and save the file.

Q7: How to play with more than 8 opponents?

A7: Just open your userprofile.txt in your ..\ctp2_program\ctp\ directory. At the top of that file you find the entry: NumPlayers=17. Just change the number there to a one of your choice, and you will start a game with that number of players.
As far as is known the max number is 29. No-one has been able to reload a game with more players.

Q33: Is it possible if a city revolts that it becomes a new civilization instead of a Barbarian city?

A33: Yes, all what you have to do is open your userprofile.txt in your ..\ctp2_program\ctp\ folder with any texteditor (e.g. notepad) and search for this line:
Replace the 0 by a number above the number at NumPlayers, and evrey city from revolts will become a new civilization until you have reached the numbers of players in your game set at MaxPayers.

But not this feature is not bug free, at first you will get a repetive global warming warning at the start of the game, although nothing like floods or ozone damage will happen. After some turns it usually does not appear in my games again. In the late game this feature can cause crashes usually this does happen if an already wiped off civilization is replaced by a new one. When this happen it is no problem to set back MaxPlayers to 0 and start a savegame from before the crash and the replacement civ occured.

Q37: I have set game-difficulty to BEGINNER/EASY and though I have chosen the MARAUDERS-level at BARBARIAN THREAT, there are no barbarians nor any GOODY HUTS/RUINS.

A37: No, but you will get tutorial messages to help you learn some basics of the game at these levels. At the easiest level you dont have ruins since the AI has a higher chance of getting good things out of ruins... To get some random barbarians, and some goody huts, play CtP2 on the next level up.

Q44: How should I NOT disband units?

A44: If a unit is disbanded in a city, it should be done while the map is visible. This includes right clicking on the unit and selecting the "disband" option, or selecting the unit and hitting the "disband" button in the unit orders.
If this is done, the production time for whatever is on the build queue should be shortened (men & materials from the old unit are used in construction of the new unit). The player should NEVER disband units from the "Unit" screen within the city display. Yes, there is a button marked "DISBAND", but no points from the old unit are applied to the new one.

Q53: I've installed CtP2, Modswapper and a mod - Now I'm looking for userprofile.txt to change DebugSlic into No. It's not there!

A53: You have to run Ctp2 and start one game at least once in order for the file to be created. Then you end CtP2 and change the file like advised and you're all set.

Q56: Using the "Cradle" Mod, the game will seem to freeze up within a few turns of starting - either I entered a goody hut, or for no particular reason at all.

A56: The game is not actually freezing up, but it is processing what the civ is getting from a goody hut. This is caused by some unknown element in the militia SLIC coding - unfortunately, we haven't been able to fix this problem. The game will take anywhere from 1-2 minutes to process the info. And once the goody huts are cleared out, this is no longer an issue.

If you want to eliminate the problem, go into CRA_risks.txt and look for the following lines of text.
and change the numbers to
If you do this, you will not get free units/advances from the goody huts though.

Q60: When I've got a 12 stack of sea transports I cant unload from any of them, even when I ungroup.

A60: You have to move one of the sea transports out of the 12 stack to unload. The reason for this is I think when you unload a unit, it exists on top of the sea transport before it moves onto land, therefore if theres a stack of 12 sea transports nothing can unload until you at least make it a stack of 11. (only 12 unloaded and sea transport units can exist on one tile.)