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    The Wombat



TheImmortalWombat. Document Collection

If you have any questions, problems or queries concerning these documents, either email the author, or post a message on the Apolyton forums, in the CtP2 Creation/Mods/Scenarios section. This will give you more chance of getting an answer promptly.

Misc. Modding  

John Bytheway's Scenario Design Guide (text format):
Designed as a guide to creating custom rules for scenarios in CtP1. Ended up as a very informative guide to the text files in Civ:CtP.

Graphics Readmes  

Non-animated Unit Sprite Making
Original explaination by Harlan Thompson. Contains the makespr.exe program for making unit sprites, and the readme for operating it.

Non-animated Unit Sprite Making
Further explaination and worked example by Tobias Teetz

Flics to Sprites
A brief set of guidelines for converting Civ3 Unit FLICs into CtP sprites.

AI Issues  

C:CtP AI: FLI files.
Intro to the inner workings of the mysterious fuzzy logic AI

SLIC guides  

Official SLIC 1 Documentation