Way Of
    The Wombat



Scripts by Martin Gühmann

Kill City Options

This script fires whenever you take a city, giving you the options to either conquer the city normally; destroy the city, killing all the citizens and taking a lump sum of gold and public works, but lowering global regard; or moving the citizens to other cities, and razing the city. And yes, this feature was 'borrowed' from Civ3, but then that's the great thing about SLIC...
Sound Fix

In CtP1, a sound was played whenever you placed a tile improvement. This was left out in CtP2, but the sounds themselves were not. This script replaces them. Enjoy.
Tile Improvements for AIs

The AI is notoriously bad at placing forts and commerce improvements. These two files will give the AI some strategically placed forts (between cities: thus extending borders, and allowing connection of roads) and allow them to place commerce improvements on otherwise unusable terrain such forests.


IMPORTANT: If you install any of the above scripts then decide to play a saved game from BEFORE you did so, you must do the following after loading the saved game:
  1. Press the apostrophe key (')
  2. Type "/reloadslic" without the quote marks
  3. Press ENTER twice
This is only required the first time you load a saved game from BEFORE each script. If you save that game again or create a new game or scenario, you are not required to reload the SLIC.
WARNING: The above procedure may in a rare number of cases corrupt your save file meaning you cannot play it. There is no support for using the above.