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TheImmortalWombat's. Scenarios

OCC: A New Dawn  (150 kB)
One City Challenges are set up so you try to win the game with only one city. Because in CtP2 the science victory is impossible with only one city, the scenario has been set up so that every time you take a city, the city is destroyed. Thus you can win by conquest if you are etermined enough.

The other additional features of this scenario are that settlers cannot move over mountains, and advance costs are halved. The restriction on settlers is so that the AI stays closer to home, and the advances costs makes for a faster game, as with one city, even Renaissance costs were too much...

War of the Ring  (5.3 MB + prerequisities)
The scenario I always wanted to have been made has finally been made. Hexagonian took the initiative, and thank goodness. No one could have done it better. In fact, none of the sprites that I had made for just such a scenario (below) were used in the scenario. But its damn good nonetheless, and Hex asked me to do the event scripting for it. So I did.

Its an awesome war scenario, events or no. Mordor is a tough opponent. But if you really want to have fun, I'd advise keeping alive your main character units: Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf. Having read the book may be an advantage...

NB: You must have ModSwapper installed to run either scenario. For the War of the Ring scenario, you must also have Cradle 1.34a installed. These are also available on Hexagonia's site.