Way Of
    The Wombat



TheImmortalWombat's Unit Sprites

Crossbowman  (128kb)
By request, the Age of Kings crossbowman unit converted to CtP sprite format. Attack and movement animations. The unit is smaller by about 20% than the other CtP/2 units, and the colours aren't as bright: it won't fit smoothly in with the rest of the units. In my experience, fan-created units rarely do.

Battering Ram  (44kb)
My first attempt at converting fully animated units from Age of Kings. This was the most successful, largely because it is essentially square, and requires no movement animations, because it simply rolls along on wheels. Of course, seige warfare is somewhat difficult to model in CtP2. A ram should be great against cities, and useless against units. I think the unit itself is somewhat useless, but I like it anyway.

Wolf  (25kb)
This one looks pretty bad. The unit came from Age of Kings, which has much smaller units, which should be scaled up for use in CtP/2. Which means a loss of quality. Plus, there's no animation, so the wolf kinda glides along the floor.

Kraken  (27kb)
Made for watching on Moria's west gate, or Atlantis scenarios. This sprite is pretty big and imposing. Maybe it would look distinctly better with attack animations, but the lack of movement ones isn't a big problem: the kraken glides through the water smoothly.

Eagle  (27kb)
Designed to represent Gwaihir the Windlord from The Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings, but thus far remains unused. This one looks okay without animations, flying units just come across as gliding.

Bat  (28kb)
Just a run-of-the-mill evil being unit. The graphics for this and the eagle both come from Flying Heroes - a 3D flying battle game.