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Call To Power II Activision took the official Website offline some while ago — here it's archived for eternity.
Community Sites
Apolyton CTP2 Forums Apolyton has been the most "official" site for Call To Power II since Activision officially dropped support for the game.
Civilization Fanatics: Other Civ-Related Games Well, there is also some coverage of Call To Power and Call To Power II at this site.
Call To Power II Source Code Project SubVersion Repository The new home of the source files with the possibility of browsing them anonymously, or applying for commit access.
The Immortal Wombat Scenarios: OCC (OneCityChallenge), LOTR. Modding resources: Sprites, SLIC-scripts and modding guides.
Tacticus Alexandrius This is an old fansite that apparently hasn't been updated for a long while, but I still like it's epic approach.
Old Games: Call To Power 2 This site contains a long review and a download which I haven't tested.

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