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C:CTP Designers Chat; April 8th, 1999

Note on the nicknames: in orange are the nicks of the members of the CTP team present, Joe Rumsey (mrogre) and John Heinecke (LTJohn). In blue are the operators, Daniel Quick (DanQ), Markos Giannopoulos (MarkG), and Derek Lande (akula), and the rest of the people who asked questions on the unmoderated part of the chat.

[kelvar] Hi everyone, we're ready to start. Before we started I will remind you that we're this chatroom has been brought about thanks to Apolyton
[lumpkin] is it moderated yet?
[lumpkin] who do we ask questions to?
[akula] hey all
[LT John] MrOgre and I are the Activision reps. You can ask us directly.
[kelvar] Seeing as we're a quite small group discussions will not be moderated but I would ask you all not to flood in with questions at the start
[Stevejuke] whats up
[Stevejuke] I bet you guys didn't like the review cnet gave you
[LT John] No, it wasn't what we were hoping for.
[Tuma] one simple question at the beginning... Is there hotseat gametype in the CTP?
[Dendroid] Hi...I was in the middle of a game:) When will the first patch be released and are you still deciding what it (the patch) will be addressing?
[LT John] Hotseat first. It's going to be added in later. Maybe MrOgre can give details.
[Stevejuke] but that other review from GOOM was good, which one is right?
[lumpkin] A long time ago I sent an email to the CtP team suggesting they rename Virtual Democracy to Entity. The Entity would be a huge semi-conscious super-computer which would be attempt to be reflection of the combined
consciousness of the whole nation. I never recieved a replay but several months
later I found out about the "AI Entity" wonder, it seems likely it was partly
inspired by my email, am I right?
[kelvar]GOOM of course :)
[mrogre] Hotseat will be in for a patch, along with PBEM, which is pretty much the same thing (from my point of view anyway).
[Stevejuke] hehe
[LT John] Dendroid asked about the patch.
[Stevejuke] how do you think CTP will fair with PCgamer?
[LT John] We've evaluated the feedback and we are starting work on a patch that addresses the most common complaints and the crash bugs.
[mrogre] There are all sorts of things being considered for the patch, many of them the things all of you have been asking for on the forums (please keep suggesting stuff, we love it), and some things some of us wanted but weren't able to get in in time.
[LT John] We can't give a timeline just yet for the patch because we have to finish the production timeline. We'll announce the plan soon.
[Dendroid] Any details on the most common complaints? Are there some common complaints that won't be changed?
[kelvar] I liked the High Council, why did you decide to remove it?
[Dendroid] I'm guessing most of them are interface issues (such as autocentering) and the modern vs. ancient discrepancies
[LT John] Most of the common complaints can be addressed. A lot of people have asked for replay- that is something that won't be changed.
[mrogre] I can tell you I've already started tweaking the auto-center functionality. It will be improved.
[LT John] Autosave is something else that will be incorporated.
[Tuma] I'm specially interested in linux version of CTP. It's going to be totally compatible with windows-version? (multiplayer)
[lumpkin] i want to find out whether my email helped make AI Entity!
[mrogre] Better keyboard support (mainly being able to get out of any screen with the keyboard, but whatever else makes sense too)
[Dendroid] Will you be changing the hit points and firepower values for the more modern units?
[LT John] lumpkin: the AI Entity was designed as a wonder long ago. It's a pretty common idea- have you seen The Matrix yet?
[mrogre] Linux/Windows compatibility is a possibility, we are going to try hard to make it happen.
[Tuma] that's nice ;)
[lumpkin] never heard of it, guess i must of subconsciosly remembered it for somewhere, that dissapointing :/
[Dendroid] Yes I saw the Matrix...I thought it was excellent
[LT John] lumpkin- its a pretty cool movie about a future society run by an AI Entity that just came out.
[mrogre] I wouldn't be surprised if some unit stats got tweaked, but I can't comment on any specifics (because I don't know, not because I'm unwilling ;)
[lumpkin] ill have to watch it
[LT John] unit stats won't be modified in the first patch though
[mrogre] right
[kelvar] Is it true that the easiest way to invade is by sea? ;)
[Stevejuke] how do you think CTP will do when it gets reviewd by pcgamer?
[lumpkin] when can we expect a scenario design patch to be out?
[LT John] Well we paid PC Gamer some good money for a good review...just kidding. I honestly don't know.
[LT John] MrOgre want to handle the scenario design question?
[Stevejuke] Gee sending money to PCgamer might not be a bad idea pretty hard to beat 98
[LT John] Yes it will be hard to top a 98. The Sid factor seems to add 5 points to your review score...
[mrogre] Well, we don't have any dates set for patches yet, but we are still taking suggestions for things scenario designers want. I can tell you the SLIC documentation I promised last time should be available as soon as this evening.
[kelvar] Everyone appeared to like the beta was it just that CNET rose their expectations too high?
[Stevejuke] but I still think CTP is better..more colorful
[lumpkin] I can post suggestion on the CtP forums yes?
[mrogre] lumpkin: yes, that's a very good place for it. The Creation section in particular.
[LT John] Yes, you can post suggestions to the Apolyton site (civilization.gamestats. com/ctp) forums or email civilization@activision.com
[lumpkin] thanks, im looking forward to remaking my civ2 scenario
[mrogre] (Note on "this evening": Pacific Daylight Time ;)
[LT John] Actually, sceanario suggestions should be emailed to ctpbuilder@activision. com
[lumpkin] i meant one of my own scenarios not Microproses
[LT John] Kevlar asked about Cnet- I'm not sure why the reviewer was so critical. He had factual inconsistencies and didn't support his bug claims. He gave us a lower score than Civ MGE. Personal tastes, I guess.
[kelvar] He seemed to be out against Activision
[LT John] I predict that our reviews are going to be all over the place. Some will love it, some will love it a little less. :)
[Stevejuke] I know I read the review and he has something against Activivion
[LT John] Any other questions?
[Dendroid] Will you stop the science screen from popping up when a player is being attacked?
[lumpkin] why are the wonders so incredibly powerful, isnt it a little unbalancing?
[Tuma] well, I must think.
[LT John] Dendroid, yes, that is one of the priorities for the first patch.
[mrogre] Dendroid: We will stop the animations from playing when the science screen comes up, so after you close it you'll see everything that happened, instead of it happening underneath.
[Dendroid] that's good news
[LT John] lumpkin- neither of us is a designer, so we can't go into the reasons for the Wonder effects.
[lumpkin] aha
[SprudL] will there be auto-centering on attacks and stuff in the patch?
[kelvar] Going back to my previous question about why did you remove the High Council...
[mrogre] SprudL: yes. There is to some extent already, but as a few people have commented, it doesn't work very well sometimes.
[LT John] I think some of the problem with the attack centering is that one on one combat isn't displayed in the pop-up window.
[SprudL] I noticed it happens sometimes, but most of the times it doesn't work ... it's annoying if you don't know what's happening
[LT John] We are going to make one on one combat zoom an option, so it will help players see all combat that pertains to their units.
[SprudL] ic


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