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C:CTP Designers Chat; April 8th, 1999

Note on the nicknames: in orange are the nicks of the members of the CTP team present, Joe Rumsey (mrogre) and John Heinecke (LTJohn). In white are the operators, Daniel Quick (DanQ), Markos Giannopoulos (MarkG), and Derek Lande (akula), and the rest of the people who asked questions on the unmoderated part of the chat.

[Tuma] about AI, How much has diplomacy developed from civ2?
[kelvar] Why are the Civs more aggressive?
[Tuma] with AI players (and of course with humans....)
[mrogre] The AI is less scripted than (I think) it was in Civ2. Beyond that, I'm not a very good person to answer AI questions
[LT John] neither am I :(
[LT John] Other questions?
[Tuma] also, better or worse... (my english, oh no).,,,
[kelvar] I don't suppose you know about shipping dates?
[mrogre] I think all of you who have played the game can answer "better or worse" about the AI better than I can.
[LT John] Kevlar- ship dates depend on the country
[LT John] Which country are you wondering about?
[kelvar] I'm in the UK but I pre-ordered it
[LT John] It is out in the UK.
[LT John] Who did you preorder it from?
[akula] I got it in Ireland on the first of April
[akula] for a british chain of stores
[manuska] how about in Finland?
[akula] One question, who came up with the name Isabella Greggon for the Irish leader (I'm Irish by the way)
[Dendroid] How do you know how long it will take a particular tile improvement to finish? I read most of the manual, did I miss it?
[LT John] Manuska- I know that it's out in Germany and Sweden and Norway. I don't know about Finland. Sorry.
[kelvar] CyAlchemy - Game Haven
[LT John] Akula- one of the designers selected the leader names.
[LT John] I'm not sure what their criteria was.
[SprudL] what about globesat? not much happening when I launch it... is it a bug?
[akula] I have a cousin who has a doctorate in irish history and he has never heard of isabella greggon
[LT John] akula- i'm not sure about this, but from what I understand, she was a scholar and literary figure in Dublin circa 1900. I might be wrong though.
[mrogre] dendroid: I think it appears in the little stats box when you're placing the improvement. If not, I will take that as a suggestion.
[kelvar] Maybe she thought for Irish independence?
[kelvar] fought
[LT John] sprudl: yes globesat is due for an overhaul.
[LT John] It will be addressed in the first patch.
[akula] I'll look further into it but would it be possible to change it in a patch
[manuska] how will the game work with my P120 (any idea)?
[akula] who decided on the names?
[LT John] manuska- not well unless you have lotsa RAM.
[LT John] akula- I'm not sure. It was one of our designers.
[manuska] I have 64MB
[manuska] enough?
[akula] thanks
[Dendroid] I think the game will run very slow when you reach the middle-end game manuska
[kelvar] I have a P300 will the game not go slowly?
[LT John] We recommend at least a P133. I would caution against getting it, even with 64MB of RAM.
[akula] One suggestion - in the final version of the map editor will there be a way to import civ II map files
[Dendroid] I have a P450 and the City screen takes a few seconds to pop up when I have a lot of cities
[akula] And will it be possible to change the sizes of maps so that we can copy our civII ones square for square
[manuska] maybe so.....this is why I'd like you to make a demo...
[LT John] We will be making a demo...after the first patch.
[manuska] cool
[Dendroid] I mean the City Status Tab
[kelvar] Can I put PW at 0% so I can advance in Science, I never usually build PW?
[LT John] I don't think that civ2 maps will be compatible with our maps. Different engine all together. Confirm MrOgre?
[mrogre] There will not be a way to import civ2 maps, sorry. We don't have Civ2 code. Custom map sizes will probably be supported at some point, but don't hold me to that yet.
[akula] I managed to copy one of my civII maps square for square
[LT John] kevlar- yes
[LT John] akula- by hand?
[akula] except there was more ocean because there was no map size the same
[kelvar] Would that be wise?
[akula] I took screenshots of the civ II map
[akula] and now have the whole thing done in call to power
[akula] a map of Ireland
[manuska] must have been a great map.....
[akula] with lots of ocean and eight civs
[LT John] kevlar- PW comes from your production pool. Setting it to zero will just improve the rate at which you build.
[mrogre] PW and science are separate, PW comes from production, Science comes from trade. Setting one to 0 doesn't directly affect the other.
[LT John] It doesn't affect science growth.
[akula] except you can only be the french as they are the blue civ
[kelvar] Oh
[Dendroid] You don't build PW? Not even terraforming?
[akula] will you be packaging maps with the final map editor?
[akula] I'll have it up on apolyton shortly
[manuska] how many nations there are?
[LT John] Akula- yes. The world map is coming out soon. There are some other maps that our designers and QA have created that we will be releasing as well.
[akula] I completely redid the terrain as well
[mrogre] Yes, we will have some maps available, including the much requested world map.
[akula] will there be a way to select what civ you are
[akula] or is it allways the blue player
[akula] thats the drawback of my map
[kelvar] Could you do a UK map? I'm no good at making maps
[akula] I enver did one before
[akula] but I could copy a civII one no problem
[akula] if I got the authors permission
[mrogre] We're talking about how to let you pick a specific civ with a specific starting point for each civ. Not in the first patch, but it should happen.
[akula] if I made uk and Ireland ones do you want to package them with the map editor?
[akula] or will I just put them up on apolyton straight away
[LT John] Akula- possibly. If you want, we can post them to our site for download.
[akula] will hopefully be back soon
[akula] well they aint that great unless you can pick which civ
[akula] I'm going to contact some authors of good civII maps and see if I can convert them
[LT John] you may want to wait until we've got all the functionality in the editor.
[akula] the only problem is the different map sizes
[akula] I'll probably wait
[LT John] We've got to go soon.
[LT John] We can field two or three more questions.
[manuska] how many civs there are?
[kelvar] What will you do if you get another bad review?
[mrogre] There are 41 civs plus the Barbarians.
[manuska] neat.
[LT John] Manuska- Single player you can play against up to 8 civs.
[LT John] Kevlar- ritual suicide. :)
[mrogre] I've got the nikes, where's the comet?
[SprudL] about stacked units: I like it, but the red frame when selecting units from the stack is not very clear... couldn't you use another color for better contrast with the black background in the icons?
[LT John] I'll get the kool-aid
[LT John] sprudl- first I've heard of this complaint. We'll take a look at it.
[kelvar] Is there still the customisation of Civs?
[mrogre] kevlar: not inside the game, no. Except for your leader name, it's all what's in the text files (that's a hint).
[LT John] kevlar- yes, you can add your own civs or replace the ones in the game by modifying text files.
[kelvar] But it won't be as easy as it was in Civ2?
[LT John] Some people have already created new civ lists.
[kelvar] I'm no good at editing files
[kelvar] Will you be able to customise units?
[LT John] you can check the Apolyton site. People on the forums will email you new civ files.
[LT John] Right now you can modify existing units by changing their stats in the text files.
[LT John] We currently don't have a graphics sprite editor, but we're hoping to release something that will allow you to add your own art into the game soon.
[LT John] Caveat: backup your text files before you go tweaking...
[manuska] will it take effect in game if you edit unit's stats, so can you "cheat" that way?
[LT John] MrOgre want to answer this one?
[mrogre] If you edit stats and then reload your game, yes, it will take effect then. If you edit anything and try to play multiplayer, though, you won't be able to (unless the other players have the exact same changes)
[manuska] ok
[SprudL] will there be an autosave in thze patch? Losing 20 turns because windows crashes is annoying
[LT John] sprudl: yes
[mrogre] Yes, there will be an autosave.
[LT John] Last question
[SprudL] great :)
[Dendroid] Will the autosave save before the end of turn instead of at the beginning... Sometimes I want to autosave because I forgot to do something
[mrogre] That's an interesting question, but I'm not sure what difference it makes, can you elaborate?
[mrogre] (That is, if it saves as you end the turn, you wouldn't be able to do very much before the beginning of your next turn)
[Dendroid] Like switching a research to something else because I got rid of the screen when I was being attacked
[Dendroid] And I forgot to change what I wanted to be researched
[kelvar] Well, thanks guys
[mrogre] Ah, I see. That's a good point, I'll think about how to cover all cases like that.
[Dendroid] Or I forgot to start building a different unit because when youre building a military unit it doesn't empty
[mrogre] thanks for having us
[LT John] Thanks everybody
[Dendroid] Thanks
[kelvar] Bye
[LT John] Aloha
[manuska] bye


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