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DanQ has compiled the information below; expect more parts of our preview to pop up over the next couple of weeks as we inch towards CTP's public release. Again, we would like to point out, however, that we have been informed by Activision that any of the wonders and/or its benefits are still subject to change.

Click To Enlarge East India Company.
Explores the world's oceans to open new lanes of commerce. Gives 5 gold for each foreign trade route crossing water. It also increases boat movement by 1.
Click To Enlarge The Eden Project.
Destroys the top 3 polluting cities in the world. Ecotopian Civilizations may now build Eco Rangers.
Click To Enlarge Edison's Lab.
Grants an average of 10 free Advances per age. There is a chance every turn that you will automatically discover whatever Advance is being researched.
Click To Enlarge Egalitarian Act.
Makes all cities in the host Civilization celebrate for 5 turns. Revolting foreign cities join your Civilization.
Click To Enlarge Emancipation.
Frees all slaves in the world. Slave-owning cities in foreign civilizations suffer severe riots as a consequence.
Click To Enlarge ESP Center.
Prevents other players from starting wars with you. In addition, permanent embassies are established in every Civilization. All Civilizations improve their attitude towards this wonder's owner.

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