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DanQ has compiled the information below; expect more parts of our preview to pop up over the next couple of weeks as we inch towards CTP's public release. Again, we would like to point out, however, that we have been informed by Activision that any of the wonders and/or its benefits are still subject to change.

Click To Enlarge Forbidden City.
Prevents other players from starting wars with you. Automatically closes all foreign embassies.
Click To Enlarge Gaia Controller.
Counteracts the worst effects of global pollution. All pollution is stopped completely and environmental disasters do not occur.
Click To Enlarge Galileos Telescope.
Increases the total science output of the host city by 200%.
Click To Enlarge The Genome Project.
Artifically enhances humans which increases the host Civilization's production by 10% and increases the strength of their units.
Click To Enlarge Global E-Bank.
Gives the E-Bank's owner 10 gold for every foreign trade route in the world.
Click To Enlarge GlobeSat.
Gives the host Civilization radar coverage of the entire world.

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