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DanQ has compiled the information below; expect more parts of our preview to pop up over the next couple of weeks as we inch towards CTP's public release. Again, we would like to point out, however, that we have been informed by Activision that any of the wonders and/or its benefits are still subject to change.

Click To Enlarge Gutenbergs Bible.
Prevents religious conversions by foreign Civilizations and increases a Civilization's Science by 10%.
Click To Enlarge Hagia Sophia.
Doubles the effectiveness of Temples and Cathedrals. Also, doubles income from converted cities.
Click To Enlarge Hollywood.
Gives the host city 2 gold per population for every foreign city with Television.
Click To Enlarge Immunity Chip.
Increases happiness in all cities by 5 and protects against bio-infection.
Click To Enlarge Internet.
Grants an average of 10 free Advances (known only to foreign civilizations) per Age. Chance of discovering an Advance known to another civilization.
Click To Enlarge Labyrinth.
Grants free trade routes (no Carvans required).

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