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(29/July/99) Here is the list of features of the second CTP patch(1.2)

  • All known crashes fixed.
  • Full support for Scenario Packs with up to 10000 scenarios each (see Steve Mariotti's previous description of this feature)
  • Play by email (PBEM) support.
  • Hotseat support (playing multiplayer games on a single computer.)
  • The ability to play any Civilization from a saved scenario.
  • Newly conquered cities are immediately selected for editing.
  • Message indicating which city that enslaved enemy citizes are sent to as slaves.
  • Additional right-click help for terraforming options.
  • Autocentering on special attacking units fixed.
  • Self-playing demo option.
  • Sea movement bug fixed.
  • Eyepoint fixed for several messages.
  • One-CD-per-player requirement for net games removed.
  • Stop Trespass agreements are better observed by the AI.
  • When improvements are built, messages will indicate the improvement just built, and what's to be built next.
  • AI is now more warlike towards you if you use nuclear weapons.
  • Trade route lines can be toggled on and off.
  • Via the command line, you can attach the AI to your game and let it play for you.
  • Many many new SLIC functions and capabilities for scenario scripters.
  • The disappearing sprite problem has been fixed.
  • In addition, there are other small tweaks and fixes.

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