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Finally, a nice change in conventional combat is the ability of submarines and bombers to carry nukes. The advanced form of the submarine, the stealth sub can carry four nukes!

Beyond the conventional units there are the unconventional ones. It turns out that you might never need to use them or you might base whole strategies on them. What is interesting about them is that you can't base your whole game on one or two of these units. For example, the slaver lasts until the building of the emancipation wonder or the discovery of some modern age advance, clerics and televangelists can be built only under the theocracy government, and you can't have such a government if you have to many cities, etc.

Other than that, you can do all sorts of things with unconventional units without causing war: convert cities to your religion and sell indulgences(clerics), temporarily stop the production of a city(lawyer), receive half the production of a city(corporate branch), infect a city with a virus which can also spread to other cities(infector), assassinate someone important(ecoterrorist), and lots of other stuff like that. If you think all these units seem too powerful, the "makewight" is that all actions cost money and almost all have 50-75% chance of success.

The various forms of the city tab. An interesting aspect of CTP is that you can see exactly how big a happiness or a pollution problem is.

In general, I find the unconventional units to give the player the chance to create new attack strategies and find out defence mechanisms for AI unconventional attacks. I don't remember ever saying "God, this is ridiculous", but then again, my objections to them were never many.

Closing the reference to combat, a change and a new idea. The change is that you can't bribe units or cities anymore. You can incite a revolt in a city using the spy, but if successful it will create it's own civilization, it wont join yours. The new idea is that some of the units can be built only under a specific government. For example the fascist, a strong and cheap military unit, can only be build under, surprise surprise, Fascism. The interesting is that if you change your government, these units will be automatically disbanded. Nice idea don't you think?


There are some nice ideas in governments too. CTP has a total of 11 governments. Beyond the advantages or disadvantages each government has in production, gold and science, a new factor is empire size limit. Each government has a specific limit in how many cities you can have. Over that limit, you will start to have serious unhappiness problems. This means that you will have to be careful on how much you expand(either by building cities or conquering them) if you haven't discovered a more advanced type of government. So, for small empires you have Tyranny(replaces Despotism as the government you start with) and Monarchy. For medium sized empires the options are Theocracy, Communism, Republic, Democracy and Fascism. Finally, for large empires you get to choose between Corporate Republic, Ecotopia, Virtual Democracy and Technocracy.

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