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CTP2 Units that we have info for....

Stealth Fighter
The Stealth Fighter is one of the more formidable air units of the Modern Age. Capable of evading radar, it is ideal for surgical strikes against well-defended targets and coordinated air defense.
Hover Infantry
The Hover Infantry is the most powerful infantry unit in the game. Capable of negotiating even the most treacherous terrain with speed and efficacy, Hover Infantry deliver devastatingly effective attacks. They are an ideal complement to the Fusion Tank, but cannot travel on beach and shallow water tiles.
Whereas the Hoplite is more suited to defense, the Samurai is adept at both attack and defense. It is a perfect accompaniment to the Mounted Archer or the Knight, and is useful in providing escort for Catapults.
The Longship was built to survive the punishment of the high seas and is a step above the Catamaran in ocean transport. Capable of transporting two land units over even the deepest waters, the Longship takes intercontinental exploration to a new level.

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