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This file defines the Diplomatic States. The active Diplomatic State is selected by logic from within the game. Future plans are to expose the state selection logic to SLIC so state changes can be scripted in SLIC scripts.

Inherit - This defines a diplomatic state to inherit values from. All values from the inherited state will be set first and any values redefined in the current state will override those in the inherited state. Each state can only inherit a maximum of one other state but multiple inheritance levels can exist.
Threaten - This define the percent chance the AI will threaten to get what it wants. Valid values: 0 - 100
RegardDecay - These structures define the decay rates for different kind of regard events. Each event type has a positive and negative decay setting. See the example for proper syntax. Regard Event Types: ScenarioEvent, MilitaryPowerEvent, MilitarySafetyEvent, DiplomacyEvent, GoldEvent, KnowledgeEvent, & ProductionEvent.
PositiveDecay - This defines how rapidly positive regard values will decay
NegativeDecay - This defines how rapidly negative regard values will decay.
WantMapTurns - Minimum time before wanting to trade maps
The following variables define the Regard & Trust penalty/bonus given to an opponent for various actions
IncursionRegardCost - Regard penalty for initial trespassing
IncursionOfAllieRegardCost - Regard penalty for initial trespassing on Allied territory
InvaderMovementRegardCost - Regard penalty for continued movement in territory
PerRoutePiracyRegardCost - Regard penalty for having a route pirated
ShareContinentRegardCost - Regard penalty for having cities settled on the same continent
AttackCivilianRegardCost - Regard penalty for attacking a Civilian unit
AttackCivilianTrustCost - Trust penalty for attacking a Civilian unit
PreemptiveAttackRegardCost - Regard penalty for being attacked without a war declaration
PreemptiveAttackTrustCost - Trust penalty for being attacked without a war declaration
EmbargoTradeRegardCost - Regard penalty for a trade embargo set
TakeCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for a city being conquered
InciteRevolutionRegardCost - Regard penalty for inciting a revolution
AssassinateRulerRegardCost - Regard penalty for assassinations
FranchiseCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for establishing an embassy
PlantNukeRegardCost - Regard penalty for planting a nuke
NukeCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for being nuked
UsedNukesTrustCost - Trust penalty for using nuclear weapons
SlaveRaidRegardCost - Regard penalty for being enslaved
EnslaveSettlerRegardCost - Regard penalty for settler being enslaved
LawsuitRegardCost - Regard penalty for being sued
ExpelUnitsRegardCost - Regard penalty for being expelled
ConvertCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for city being converted
UndergroundRailwayRegardCost - Regard penalty for slaves being freed
InciteUprisingRegardCost - Regard penalty for inciting a slave uprising
BioInfectedCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for infecting a city
PlagueCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for releasing a plague in a city
NanoInfectCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for nano-attacking a city
CreateParkRegardCost - Regard penalty for nanite cleansing
InjoinCityRegardCost - Regard penalty for enjoining a city
PillageRegardCost - Regard penalty for pillaging a tile improvement
HoldReceptionRegardBonus - Regard bonus for holding a reception (once per 10 turns)
HasPactTrustBonus - Trust bonus per turn a pact is in place
NoWarTrustBonus - Trust bonus per turn not at war. Max trust is 500 until Peace is declared.
FollowThroughTrustBonus - Trust bonus for following through an agreement
The following proposal element structure should be defined for each proposal in DiplomacyProposal.txt. See the example for proper syntax.
DiplomacyProposal Proposal - Reference of a proposal from DiplomacyProposal.txt
SendPriority - Base priority to send this proposal
AcceptPriority - Base priority to accept this proposal
RejectPriority - Base priority to reject this proposal
SenderRegardResult - Regard penalty/bonus for the sender of this proposal
ReceiverRegardResult - Regard penalty/bonus for the receiver of this proposal
ViolationRegardCost - Regard penalty for violating this proposal
ViolationTrustCost - Trust penalty for violating this proposal
Threaten 50
ScenarioEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
MilitaryPowerEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
MilitarySafetyEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
DiplomacyEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
GoldEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
KnowledgeEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
ProductionEvent {
PositiveDecay 0.9
NegativeDecay 0.9
// regard cost or bonus for selected events
IncursionRegardCost -100
IncursionOfAllieRegardCost -200
InvaderMovementRegardCost -10
PerRoutePiracyRegardCost -10
ShareContinentRegardCost -2
InciteRevolutionRegardCost -60
AssassinateRulerRegardCost -60
FranchiseCityRegardCost -40
PlantNukeRegardCost -150
SlaveRaidRegardCost -50
LawsuitRegardCost -30
ExpelUnitsRegardCost -10
NukeCityRegardCost -250
ConvertCityRegardCost -50
EnslaveSettlerRegardCost -60
UndergroundRailwayRegardCost -60
InciteUprisingRegardCost -60
BioInfectedCityRegardCost -70
PlagueCityRegardCost -70
NanoInfectCityRegardCost -100
CreateParkRegardCost -250
InjoinCityRegardCost -50
PillageRegardCost -50
// how much regard from empathic diplomats holding receptions (once every 10 turns)
HoldReceptionRegardBonus 50
// every time a civilian is killed (settler, diplomat, cleric)
AttackCivilianRegardCost -50
// every time we are attacked less than a round after war is declared
PreemptiveAttackRegardCost -10
EmbargoTradeRegardCost -50
TakeCityRegardCost -100
// every turn with pact, add trust
HasPactTrustBonus 2
// every turn not at war, increase trust (up to 500 only)
NoWarTrustBonus 1
// every time foreigner follows through with agreement, add trust
FollowThroughTrustBonus 10
// when they kill a non-combat unit all players trust them less
AttackCivilianTrustCost -50
// when they attack with out declaring war the round before
PreemptiveAttackTrustCost -20
// every time a player uses nukes, the world trusts them less
UsedNukesTrustCost -100
// minimum time before wanting to see map again
WantMapTurns 50
// NOTE: SenderRegardResult is regard sender gains or loses from
// receiver; likewise, ReceiverRegardResult is regard receiver
// gains or loses from sender if agreement is accepted.
ProposalElement {
SendPriority 100
AcceptPriority 110
RejectPriority 100
SenderRegardResult 300
ReceiverRegardResult 0
ViolationRegardCost 0
ViolationTrustCost 0
ProposalElement {
SendPriority 100
AcceptPriority 110
RejectPriority 100
SenderRegardResult -50
ReceiverRegardResult 300
ViolationRegardCost 0
ViolationTrustCost 0
ProposalElement {
SendPriority 100
AcceptPriority 110
RejectPriority 100
SenderRegardResult 200
ReceiverRegardResult 200
ViolationRegardCost -100
ViolationTrustCost -30

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