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On this part of our ctp2 section we present resources for modifying ctp2. Help us out by mailing us your modification tips

Modification Forum
CtP2-Creation/AI/Mods/Scenarios Discussion on specific MODS, scenarios, AI and general modification -- Go

SLIC scripting language
SLIC is a C-like language that "moves" many things behind CTP2. By Activision * Go

SLIC Events
This is a complete listing of SLIC events. By Activision * Go
Directory Structure & Data Files

* Directory Structure

* AdvanceLists.txt
* BuildingBuildLists.txt
* BuildListSequences.txt
* Diplomacy.txt
* DiplomacyProposal.txt
* DiplomacyThreat.txt
* Goals.txt
* ImprovementLists.txt
* Personalities.txt
* Strategies.txt
* UnitBuildLists.txt
* WonderBuildLists.txt
* Advance.txt
* Age.txt
* AgeCityStyle.txt
* Buildings.txt
* CitySize?.txt
* CityStyle.txt
* Civilisation.txt
* Colors00.txt
* Concept.txt
* Diplomacy.slc
* EndGameObjects.txt
* Feat.txt
* Feats.slc
* GameFile.txt
* Goods.txt
* GoodsID.txt
* Govern.txt
* GW.txt
* Hscore.txt
AI Customization
A description of how to use the AI SLIC functions available in Call to Power II to customize the behavior of AI players and the mayors that can control human cities. By Activision * Go
SLIC2 Function Reference
Reference of the SLIC2 Functions. By Activision * Go
CTP1 Sprites List
The sprites for the ctp1 units that are not in ctp2 are still there! Here's the list. Go
SLIC Built-in variable types
There is one builtin "variable" and a number of builtin variable arrays available in SLIC. This document contains a complete reference of the data that can be extracted from these types. By Activision * Go
Scenario Making
Apolyton CtP2 Modificiation Section Official Activision documentation on the scenario editor. Lists all buttons and options and briefly explains what they do and how they work. By Activision & Apolyton * Go
Modder's Guide to CtP2 A guide compiled by hexagonian from posts on Apolyton made in the first months after CtP2's release. It contains a ton of info on how to do text file editing (editing/adding units/wonders/civs/etc, getting the AI to use new these new things, changing game settings to make the game and AI more challenging, etc) and on how to create scenarios and use the scenario editor. Although advanced topics such as advanced AI modding, SLIC, UI modding, etc are not covered by this guide, it's still the first resource every new modmaker should turn to when learning to mod CtP2. By Hexagonian * Go
CtP2 Map Editor Manual There's no clear documentation on how the Scenario Editor of CtP2 works but for beginning scenario makers this can be a confusing tool. That's why Immortal Wombat wrote a brief guide on (the buttons in) the Map Editor, the largest and most complicated part of the Scenario Editor. By Immortal Wombat * Go
BMP to CtP2 Tool that can convert BMP maps to CtP2 format so you can use your own maps in CtP2 scenarios without having to manually lay out every single tile in the Ctp2 built-in map editor. This program can be used in combination with the enormous Earth map OmniGod created to auto-generate maps of any part of the world of almost any size. By Harlan & Activision * Go (Program); Go (Map by OmniGod)
turnlength.txt Generator This is a tool that lets you automatically generate turnlength.txt files for your scenarios, which saves a lot of repetitive type work. Of course, this does require that there is at least some degree of regularity in your date system. By DDowell * Go
Setting Trust & Regard This thread contains an explanation on how one can easily set the diplomatic trust and regard levels between civs at the start of a scenario. By Immortal Wombat * Go
Text File Editing
Modder's Guide to CtP2 An extremely powerful text file editing program created by J Bytheway. It allows modmakers to edit many of the various CTP2 data files (advance.txt, etc) through a graphical interface to speed mod development, decrease the chance of errors and help in other ways. The two most noteworthy extra features it offers are (1) a Great Library tool which allows use of templates to quickly generate many GL entries and (2) the ability to quickly make mass changes to entries in a data file. But there are many other features that this program adds that most other text editors don't offer. It's a program that according to John will most likely never leave the Beta stage, but that can in spite of this be an very useful tool for all modmakers. By J Bytheway * Go
Flaglist Lists all most of the flags that are available in the game, taken from from the ctp2.exe file. The lists in this file are grouped by the text file for which they are/could/should/might be used or, when that's not applicable, by subject (SLIC function, String, etc). This list may not be complete and for many flags it's not known what they do or if they work, but it's still an extremely useful resource to have when working with the text files. By Martin Gühmann * Go
Limits This thread briefly discusses the hard-coded limits of the game (before going off-topic). Useful to know for the beginning modmaker (but probably 'read once, remember forever'). By Locutus * Go
Powerpoints This thread explains the Powerpoints attribute from units.txt. By Mr. Ogre et. al * Go
Graphics, Sprite & Sound Creation
Unit Creation Tools and Documentation Contains official Activision tools and info for the creation of sprites (graphics files for units, cities, trade goods and special effects), as well as a guide and some tools by Harlan to facilitate this process. Originally written for CtP1, but most of it still applies to CtP2 as well. By Harlan & Activision * Go
ReadZFSFile A tool which can be used to view and extract graphics and sound files from the ZFS archives. Useful for editing the graphics and sounds in the game. By Martin the Dane * Go
CtP TGA Picture Sizes Explains what the picture sizes of various graphics should be and where and how they are used. By Caranorn * Go
CtP1 Sprites List Official Activision list of CtP1 Sprites. This is a list of the units sprites that existed in CtP1 and are not in CtP2. To be more specific, the units are not in the game, but Activision left the sprites for use in mods. Note that the naming convention is different: CtP1 sprites are named GUxx.SPR while CtP2 sprites are named GUxxx.SPR. So the CtP1 sprites in the graphics\sprites folder can be used by renaming them. By Activision & Apolyton * Go
Civ3 Unit FLC conversion Provides FLC files and explanations on how to convert those to CtP2 format (including the necessary Makespr script files), so Civ3 units can be converted to CtP2 format and used in CtP2 mods and scenarios. Also includes a few already converted and ready-to-use units (Bowman, Swordsman, Archer, Mounted Warrior, Infantry, Cavalry). By E et. al. Go
Sounds Some general information on editing/adding sounds. By Martin Gühmann * Go
Sprite Extractor This thread is a discussion about the conversion of sprite files to readable graphics files. Sir Ralph made an attempt to use the bits of source code Activision provided to create a tool that can do this but didn't succeed. If anyone plans to try this again in the future, information in this thread might turn out to be useful. By Sir Ralph et. al * Go
Terrain MODing
TileEdit Program that lets you view, edit and add the graphics contained within the Tile File. Without this, you can't edit the graphics of terrain or tile imps. By Martin the Dane * Go
Apolyton Tile File This file is the standard terrain file for modded CtP2. Since the file is rather large and not modswapper-compatible, it's difficult to synchronize the tile files of different mods. This file was created to serve as standard: all modmakers are recommended to keep their mods compatible with this file, and if they want to add their own terrains, they are recommend it to request an update for this standard file with their own terrain included. By Pedrunn and Mortal Wombat * Go
Adding Road-like Tile Improvements In this thread Immortal Wombat discussed his findings on the possibilities of adding road-like tile improvements (in this case Highways) to the game. By Immortal Wombat * Go

* Activision does not provide any support for the map/scenario editor or the documentation that appears on these pages

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