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Overview of the City Manager tabs, except from the units one

The other two tabs of the Intelligence screen

Charts on the Statistics screen
Day 4. Not much today, due to the chat

Text files
Ralf asks "The .txt tweak-files is much more userfriendly and powerfull then CTP/Civ-2/SMAC, they say. Is that true? In what ways?"
Well, my involvement in the modification of ctp1, was not exactly big. I mainly organized and added the pieces of the apolyton pack, so I didnt get into more imprortant stuff like unit attributes, slic, aip files, etc. Therefore I cant say much about it. Still, here is an interesting example of the personalities.txt which replaces the .fli files

  Exploration: Wide
  Expansion: Maximum
  Discovery: Diplomatic
  Conquest: Passive
  Trustworthiness: Lawful
  Alignment: Good


  ThreatFollowThrough 0.9


Trade Routes, Commerce Tile Improvements
Phoenixcager asks: "In your first screenshot on the second page, there are some blue dotted lines from city-to-city. Are those trade routes?
Yes, these are trade routes

"Also, there are some cities (Londinium & Tarentum) that have a pier-like thing sticking out of them. Is that what it is?"
It's a tile improvement, called Port. Quote from the GL: "Ports are the nexus of commercial shipping in any city. They increase the Commercial yield from a tile by 15. Build them on Beach tiles only.".
For land, there is also the Trading Post. "Trading Posts are the most primitive of commercial Tile Improvements. They attract traders from around the globe and provide a marketplace outside of the city, increasing Commerce by 10. Build them on any land tile.". Use can see a Trading Post near Rome in some of the screenshots

Scientific Victory
Slaxcan reuqesst: "can you give us more details on how the scientific victory is accomplished?"
Quote from the manual: The Gaia Controller is the culmination of more than six millennia of human determination, ingenuity and perseverance in the field of science. A device that makes a limitless supply of energy available, the Gaia Controller opens the door to a true world utopia, free from want, conflict, scarcity, and strife. In order to achieve this magnificent creation, you must wind your way through the Technology Tree of scientific advances in the game. Once you research the Gaia Controller advance, you will be able to build the Solaris Project, a wonder of the world. When the Solaris Project is built, the whole world can race to build the Gaia Controller. The first nation to build all the components of the Gaia Controller wins the game

Screens and LDL Files
I got a note from Activision's Pyray on the ldl files: Yes, you can change the layouts of the LDL's. However, the code does expect to find certain control on certain tab panels, and if you move them, the code can't find it, and kaboom! But not all controls are like that, however probably more are than not.
Mod creators, I need some screen modification for 1280x1024! :)

Alexander's Way To Victory
Several people asked about one of the goal on the Alexander scenario "Raise an heir old enough to take on the leadership of the Macedonians after your death."
Quote from today's chat(Neblig, DanTheMan and DWhite are "Activisioners")
[MarkG] btw, Alexander's Scenario: how do you "make" your son? :)
[Neblig] To make a son, first you have to find a wife.
* DanTheMan looks wildly in both directions, pulls at his collar.
[DanQ] rofl!
[DanTheMan] where do babies come from, Neblig?
[Neblig] There are four wives available in the Alexander scenario (because he's real picky)
[Neblig] :-)
[Neblig] You find the wives throughout the course of the scenario.

and a bit later.... :)
[aCa] Are you supposed to get a wife or something in the Alexander scenario or did I just read wrong?
[Neblig] Yes, one of the objectives of Alexander is to get married and have kids
[aCa] How do u get married in CTP2??? ;)
[Atahualpa] How do u get married in CTP2??? stack a man and a woman together!!!
[DWhite] hehe
[MarkG] on the same tile
[Locutus] :)
[MarkG] is there a certain command???? :D
[aCa] I want now more about the marriege too ;)
[Neblig] Ata, you cannot get married in the main game. It is a special event in Alexander
[Locutus] if that is so, Ata, how do you model sex before marriage ;)
[aCa] Nebling: How do get married in the scenario then? ;)
[Neblig] aCa, wait and see... :-)

The whole transcript in a couple of days...

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