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As we did with Civ2:MGE and CTP1, we are happy to present you with a preview of the latest civilization game, Call to Power II. Beyond that, we present you with reviews from actual players of the game, as well as links to the entry of CTP2 in the Apolyton Links&Products Directory(where more player reviews can be found) and to the previews and reviews of CTP2 in various gaming sites

Player Reviews
You can post you review and rating in AL&PD. If it is over 2000 characters(the max in AL&PD, please mail it to us at markg@apolyton.net or dan@apolyton.net, and we'll post it here

Christoph Nahr's Review
Originally posted on the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic newsgroup. Quote: " Too many flaws for a classic but a good game still, and could be great if it's properly patched." Read
JDI_Falcon's Review
Quote: "I cannot put my finger on it but CTP 2 has something that CTP did not that actually makes you want to play the game" Read
Tilemacho's Review
Review after the first game. "Once again I felt that "one more turn feeling" which to say the trough had missed since Civ2!" Read
DarthVeda's Review
CTP1 Hater turns into a CTP2 Lover. "I don't doubt that I may very well finally put my copy of Civ2 to rest" Read

Apolyton Links&Products Directory Entry for Call to Power 2

Apolyton Preview, Part 2: CTP2 Previewed, The Real Thing

coming very soon, no release date though... ;)

Apolyton Preview, Part 1: Daily Impressions

Day One
Mark's first day with ctp2: Installation, System Requirements, Difficulty Levels, Screen Resolutions, Moving Units, Right-click Menus, Great Library, Diplomacy Impressions, Great Autosave, 32 Civs, No Crash. Read
Day Two
Second day for Mark: Explanations, Replies, No Crash, No Crash, No Crash, Manual in electronic format, Army Managment, Units stats, Music, Radar Map buttons, Append to Multiple Build Queues, Retreat Button, Comparing Goverments, Not yet 32 civs. Read
Day Three
Explanations, Replies, Yes 32 Civs, New Way For Resource Gathering, AIPopCheat, Too Many Screens, Borders and Trespassing, 1280x1024 With "Clear" Map, ICS still there or not, CTRL+S CTRL+L Read
Day Four
Text files, Trade Routes, Commerce Tile Improvements, Scientific Victory, Screens and LDL Files, Alexander's Way To Victory Read
Day Five
Map/Scenario Editing, Why He Hates You, Mayors Do Tiles, Control Panel Totally Gone, Threats Work, Advices In Unit Manager, Flanking Units Read
Day Six
The Impossible Medium Game, Reply to Ralf, Reply to Slingshot Read
Day Seven
Editor Documentation, Editor Experiences, Map Sizes/World Map, Diplomacy: The Friendly Side, Diplomacy: The Ugly Side, Diplomacy: Treaties Read

(P)Reviews on other sites

See the (P)Reviews directory in AL&PD.
After-release reviews so far from: Gamespot, IGN, Daily Radar

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