I T ' S   Y O U R   T I M E   T O   R U L E

I fear that war is inevitable. Our Persian neighbors have been advancing their troops closer and closer as the weeks pass. I, Ramses, leader of the Egyptians, cannot allow them to take what is rightly ours. Little do they know that we have been building our own army of warriors, and we will surely be prepared for the time when they decide to try and take our land.

Trade In order to build my armies quickly, I need income. My trade advisors have informed me that distant lands will pay rich amounts of gold for the spices that are native to Egypt. I have commissioned my advisor to assemble great caravans so that we may deliver our goods to our neighboring states, while my mayors prepare bazaars in their cities to increase the flow of gold from commerce.

Bronze Working Our grand empire is growing more powerful as time passes. Our wise men have recently discovered the science of Bronze Working - this will enable us to build a stronger army, and should strike fear into the hearts of our enemies!

Warrior Our mighty warriors are ready to defend Egypt. When the neighboring Persians decide to attack our land, they will find out just how strong our warriors are.

Pyramids Construction of the pyramids continues. The technical genius and awe-inspiring power these monuments display are a tribute to Egypt and the talent of our people. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been built by mankind, and I doubt anything will rival its grandeur in the future. Foreign visitors have come from far and wide to gaze with wonder at our architectural accomplishment.

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