I T ' S   Y O U R   T I M E   T O   R U L E

The last two hundred years has marked a time of peace for Egypt. In eras such as these, a leader is able to turn his attention to the maintenance and improvement of his domain. Over the past two centuries, strides have been made in the arts, commerce and science. My empire will surely rank among the greatest in world history.

Eco Transit The world is in the midst of an industrial revolution, causing an alarming increase in pollution and overpopulation. Natural resources are becoming scarce. The development of Eco Transit will buy our scientists time to discover the material secrets required for underwater colonization.

Smart Materials Our scientists recently celebrated the discovery of Smart Materials. These materials will allow our engineers to design and construct undersea domes and vehicles that will enable colonization of the ocean floor--a much-needed solution to our environmental dilemmas.

Morey Striker To defend our new underwater habitat from any kind of enemy attack, our military has christened a state-of-the-art underwater defense weapon--the Morey Striker.

Solaris Project In the sanctuary of an underwater biosphere research center, my team of scientists has begun work on the Solaris Project--an invention designed to heal the ailing ecology, paving the way for worldwide prosperity. If we are the first to develop this project, our Empire shall be glorified for all eternity!


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