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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
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Last Update 15/3/2003

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Q25 Is there a way to select the destination of newly captured slaves?
Q29 How can I rename my cities?
Q34 Why can't I get 60+ cities while the ranking talks of 500+ cities?
Q43 How can I see which of my cities are not producing anything?

Q25: Is there a way to select the destination of newly captured slaves?

A25: You can control slaves by moving around military units: slaves will be sent to the nearest city that has enough military units in it to guard them. I think in most mods 1 military unit can guard 2 slaves (you'll have to check the readmes though, this number may vary per mod and over time). So by simply moving military units out of cities between the location of the to-be slave and the city where it should be put to work, you can make sure the slave goes to the right city. If you're smart you'll move the military units on a river/road/railroad/maglev, so you can move them back again the same turn.

Q29: How can I rename my cities and/or reach management functions for my cities easier?

A29: The manual of the game explains how you can right-click units and get a menu with options to give the units orders. However, what the manual (and various readmes) fails to mention is that the same sort of right-click menu is available for cities. If you right-click a tile with a city on it, you will get a menu with various options. If the city has non-fortified units in it, you will see all the unit orders and below that the city orders; otherwise you will only see the city orders. The following orders are available: City Manager (goes to the City Screen of this city, same as hitting F3), Build Manager (goes to the Build Manager of this city, same as hitting Ctrl-B), Rename City (allows you to rename the city), Disband City (allows you to disband the city; only possible with cities of size 3 or smaller), Activate All Units (activates all fortified and sleeping units in the city; only available when there are inactive units inside the city), Turn Mayor ON/OFF (allows you to (de)activate the mayor for this city). Additionally, there is the option Map Info, which is available not only in cities but on all tiles with a city and/or units on them; this displays the Map Info screen, this is identical to right-clicking an 'empty' tile.

Q34: Is it a bug that my cities stop growing when they reached size 60? From the scoring system, it seems there should be cities possible of size 500.

A34: No, that is indentional that the cities stop at size 60 to grow, the bug lies rather in the score system. So it is a rule, but as it is a rule, CTP2 wouldn't be CTP2 if you couldn't change it. Check out
this thread. But note more population causes more pollution and more pollution causes more unhappiness.

Q43: I find it really annoying that I can't see when my cities are not producing anything, is there a fix for this?

A43 There are a number of ways to see which cities have empty build queues.
  • Press the 'o' key to cycle through your units with movement points left. Once all units have moved, this key will cycle through all cities with an empty build queue.
  • Scan your empire for cities who's name is yellow, their build queues are empty.
  • Check the message tab in the control panel, messages are displayed here when something is built and a queue is empty.
  • Scroll through the list of cities in the city tab (on the control panel) or City Screen (F3).
  • Open the City Manager (F2) and click the Build tab.
  • Open the file ctp2_data\default\gamedata\script.slc. Now search for '38UnitCompletedQueueEmpty', '38BuildingBuiltQueueEmpty', '38WonderBuiltQueueEmpty' and '38EndgameBuiltQueueEmpty'. Insert the following line after these texts:
Now you will get a pop-up message whenever there is an empty queue somewhere.